Sheremet — for President, President — in Sheremet!

From the pages of "Red Configuration" in 1967 someone K.Buslaev, Ph.D., scare: "In Australia, children aged 14-15 leave school and enter the factory, where they are expected assault rifles and light operation. Monotonous work dulls their brains. Intellectual capacity for 4-5 years in these adults already visibly humiliated, without any trace of fading last spark of mind. As a result, approximately 20 years’ level of education of young workers is lower than the 15-year-olds who have just arrived at the company. "
* "Evening Minsk" in 1987, is responsible for: "About 80 percent of the students surveyed and 70 percent of the members of the Volunteer Associations struggle for sobering recent months consumed alcohol. {Most of the respondents answered that they allow it to continue.} Many flegmantichno or even a positive attitude to alcohol consumption in the group dorm with friends. And this is the result — about 80 percent of those who answered the questions, say they do not notice the impact of the Company’s sobering to struggle for life of the collective. "
* "Name" 1997. "On Wednesday, August 20, held the first of a series of shares rally in support of the arrested Belarusian authorities Journalists Russian ORT. Picket, which took place on Yakub Kolas in Minsk, was allowed the authorities. Activists around with banners "Freedom to Journalists", "Sheremet — President!" (By the way, has been proposed and that variant, "the President — in Sheremet!"), "Freedom of speech on Belarus!" Constantly partying more than 100 people, not counting the BPF. Event lit a huge amount of members of the press … "

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