Shklovschina: Chairman of the Commission punished remark

About bezprizornyh room yesterday to the district commission said opposition MP candidate Rep. Gregory Kastusyou, who paid a visit to the village of beef to behold, as is the vote. Together with him was and crew of TV channel "Belsat".
Grigory Kostusev believes that rendered Mogilevtseva punishment does not match the offense committed:
"She violated several articles of the electoral legislation and it should bear criminal act. There must give a legal assessment of the situation and lawyers. I I can tell, that all members of a precinct commission left the polling station and left unattended electoral documents, including voter lists. Urn was moved from early voting ballots in another room. This case indicates people, elected to precinct commissions, do not understand the essence of their own work and responsibility in it. For them it is a typical hobby. I explain a lenient sentence that Mogilevtseva in a family and kids. "
According to Gregory Kostusev, Mogilevtseva explained to the lack of the precinct commission in the polling that ended operation. It proves that the urn with ballots carried to another room and guarded by police.

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