Shot architecture

"… Ironclad doors creaked. Merkle In rays that hit the camera from the corridor shone white-spot face with battened down the hill padbaroddem. He was turned away to the wall, as if hiding from the world. From light prison corridor.
Among camera black anthracite glitter glittering pool of blood in which reflected the shadows of men in caps. Dark on black. Hallway quickly filled the sounds of battle and restless tramp.
In another room, so similar to the camera, the man leaned over the table, bringing the number neatly and little letters: "25/05/1937. Gaiduchevici Stanislav Silvestravich, designer …"

Vyacheslav Rakytskyy: "In May 1937, the internal bullpen NKVD committed suicide uskryvshy discover veins designer Stanislav Gaiduchevici — the man who built Minsk. This name is now known only spices. Why the name Haidukevich virtually erased from the history of the country and its capital ? The new same time … "
Sergei Hareuski: "Destiny Haidukevich reminds us again of the fate of Belarusian creators, the fate of the country belarushchyny Bolsheviks country NKVD, KGB country. If you now start to read Haidukevich means to recognize that it is necessary to read and tyschah other creators, killed and tortured in this country. tongued That comparison. Near Gaidukevich very successfully worked in Minsk eminent architect Henry Guy. His fate was different, because he managed to go from Minsk in 1919. "
Rakytskyy: "So Makar, we have two fates 2-architects, which are similar and do not like each other. And what place Gaiduchevici held in the Belarusian architecture?"
Hareuski: "According to the latest measure in the history of the creation of the kind of Minsk, he played a crucial role. Any one of us knows the house on Independence Square near reddish church. That house, on which hang three plaques, but Signs memory designer Haidukevich until this building no. Gaiduchevici in time built and eminent Polish bank. According to a joint project with Henry Guy was built eminent building mutual assistance of the Company, which at the moment is the Ministry of Interior. Built a house and Gaiduchevici Kostrovitsky. And in the second half of the 20s Stanislav Gaidukevich entrusted a very important project for the construction of the Central House of the peasant. Serious House on the corner of Marx and Red Army was commissioned in 1928. It — really a masterpiece of the then Belarusian architecture. So Makar, antebellum Minsk was formed almost entirely with the role Haidukevich Stanislaus. "
Rakytskyy: "What was the fate of Henry Guy?"
Hareuski: "Works of Henry Guy also know minchane. This — already referred to the building of the Interior Ministry today. This — eminent building that soon, probably collapse of plaques on the corner of Marx and Lenin, which currently houses the museum Petrus Brovki . Once there was a bureau "Guy Sventsitski & Co". Guy also built in the districts of Minsk churches, palaces. After the so-called Polish occupation in 1919, he did not expect the arrival of the Bolshevik troops and went to West Belarus, Pinsk, where vayavodkim became an architect. And hitherto in Pinsk, Brest, Baranovichi stand 10s buildings that built in the interwar time Henry Guy. And, thank God, fate decreed that Henry Guy — known designer, who knew perfectly well and in Kiev, where He designed eminent Bessarabian market, and in Warsaw and St. Petersburg — died in his room, on his bed. "
Rakytskyy: "Two architects, two associates, and such a different fate, how their fates appropriate to generate Belarusian architects of the first half of the 20th century?"
Harevsky: "They are completely typical. Those who remained in the Russian Union were destroyed at the physical level. Were among them, and such eminent, even with the king, Stanislaw Shabunevskogo — chief designer of Gomel, who built if not half the town of Gomel. He put it on their projects such masterpieces as Vilna and Orlovsky banks, gymnasiums, hospitals, first in Belarus House Commune. When he was shot in 1937, it was already known to the meter, a favorite of national and allied competitive projects, the old man, which has been under 70 years old. But neither the talent nor the honorable age is not helped him. were shot as architects Nicholas Korshykav Clement Lyashkevich Bella Shefler, Harshakevich and many others. makarom So, we have almost one hundred percent of all Belarusian Statistics defeat architects who received no education in the interwar Soviet Belarus. "
Rakytskyy: "But these people own projects in buildings embodied the communist ideology. Why become victims of ideology, those who implement it in practical projects? "
Hareuski: "I’m here to focus slightly changed. Fact, the flowering of creativity in the Russian period is the period of so-called byelorussization. And galaxy creators, traditional education before the revolution, perceived this puzzle completely seriously. Same Gaiduchevici did Peasant’s House completely from the heart. He thought of making the Belarusian State style. But those who beheld the real face of Bolshevism in 1917 — 1918 years, was a witness to, for example, in St. Petersburg, fled to the west. Example — outstanding architect Marjan Lelevich born Vawkavysk, first arrived in Minsk, understood the situation and went to West Belarus. Claudia also DUZh-Dushevsky in 1917 saw in St. Petersburg, what is the essence of Bolshevism, and left the USSR. And Leo met-Dubyaykovski had no illusions, and so left. I suspect that those who remained were just trusting people distant from politicians who do not represent themselves to what Bolshevism. Indeed, how could imagine for yourself is 60-year-old Stanislav Shabunevskogo, which since 1897 he was Gomel main architect that he was suspected of some anti-state, espionage, sabotage activities? I believe that the Russian system are at home, they just were not for themselves, what they are doing. But, those who came from Russia to replace them from 1935 until 1939 — Langbard comrades, the Warriors Varaksina, Anikin and others — destroying what was manufactured hands of their predecessors, they just embody this Stalinist ideology. Indeed, after the war, almost nothing of the treasures of our state Belarusian architects, regardless of their political views, there is not. And all these years even tried to erase the memory of these people, despite the fact that even their hands buildings enjoy a day or right before. For example, the Ministry of the Interior. "
Rakytskyy: "You are already connected with the problem of architecture processes byelorussization. In what appears Belarusian style in the works of architects, we are talking about?"
Hareuski: "It was the zeal to appeal to some of our local heritage, to the baroque style. And even technological solutions, huge attic roof, which perfectly suited to our climate — that dripping rainwater and recessions snow, were the first steps in this direction. But in Guy buildings in Pinsk we litsezreem feeryyu tuteyshastsi this. "
Rakytskyy: "Could it be likely that Guy and Gaiduchevici, and a galaxy of other architects with similar gaze, able to work in Minsk together in the same Stalin’s time?"
Hareuski: "A normal — no. Since all Belarusian architects who have received education up to 1917, were rudely destroyed in 1937."
Rakytskyy: "And if everyone stayed in Minsk and could not be shot, what could be the Minsk? Would have to point to some common aspirations of all construction these people? "
Hareuski: "Certainly, their aspirations would be closed. And I just say that we’re not arguing, we like Minsk or not. I think we all would be proud of their city."
Rakytskyy: "How could he be?"
Hareuski: "I think that although it would be more humane. It would correspond to the traditions of this region. It would transfer the tradition of our majestic styles (Baroque, Renaissance) and reincarnate them in a new way. It would be more in line with our climate, our relief. mounds would not cut, do not be slippin Nyamiha underground. And people would be treated with more love to town. All of these architects, which we now read as had tremendous education at the time and a lot of practice not only within the borders of the Russian Federation, and in Poland and in Germany, and France. Certainly, Minsk could meet all the requirements of the new European capital. "
"In Minsk, the other day abvyachshennya the Belarusian People’s Republic, gathered a lot of people. Among them were many Belarusian architects. Some that our eyes have seen the true face of Bolshevism, and returned to Belarus from St. Petersburg, Marian Lelevich or Claudia DUZh-Dushevsky, others and had no illusions about Russian, came from Warsaw, as the Lion-Dubyaykovski met, find out where to come back the wheel of history. came from Gomel and Stanislav Shabunevskogo.
Here, in the capital of modern Belarus, they were met by friends, associates — and architects Guy Gaiduchevici. What will be the Republic of Belarus, even difficult to imagine. Yes and no could imagine for yourself the latest country without modern architecture.
March 16, 1918 Dubyaykovski already signed his project of building a school for the Belarusian Budslau.
Even in these days of March architects thought about building a modern, own country, their own capital, own, not foreign cities. "

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