Shults: searched the apartment editor of the independent weekly Brahma

This was said Radio Liberty Lawyer Svetlana Ponomarenko. She clarified now funny day Ales Yazvinski was arrested Baranovichi. Police seized all copies freshest numbers of non-state weekly "Brahma" and interrogated editor.
"Upon returning home, he was visited Ales investigator Nesvizhsky police department, and then with a group of police officers showed up, as he called himself, the chief of the investigation department," — says Ms. Ponomarenko.
In a telephone conversation with the police lawyer learned that they do not warrant.
"The senior officer seeks to remove the processor from the computer Ales Yazvinski — Svetlana Ponomarenko reports — and explains their actions Tipo intention editor Yazvinski kill valuable information in your computer."
At this point, housing and cell phones Ales Yazvinski disconnected from the network.

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