Shults Soligorsk, Baranovichi three portraits defendants Malady

26-year-old worker LNOZAVOD schoolboy and the young musician. Three towns, three fates — one desire for freedom, and a court case with the phrase "nezaregistravnay role in the organization."
Damavlyayusya Anastasia Azarko encounter on her street — on the edge Nesvizha. There’s nothing you could not recall the existence Radzivilovsky Palace, ancient park, city hall and other historic prykmetnastsyav, which is famous for Shults.
Private sector, few blechnyya home, industrial fencing. No numbers on the houses.
Sovereign, which I asked the address appropriate, looks with suspicion, even with fear. It turns out that the father of Anastasia — Misha, an electrician by profession. He suspected that I brought Anastasia flyers or what other "underground products." Learning that speaks to a journalist, explains:
Misha: "I really do not like when they come to my house, shaking the police, the KGB. Very unpleasant. Though, in my mind, nothing wrong she did not. Conflict I did not with my daughter."
Anastasia Azarko two years could not find a job: "I fear everywhere."
During our conversation is Anastasia, which vorachivaetsya of configuration LNOZAVOD. In the past year, 26-year-old woman got a malaprestyzhnuyu and hard work, because two years before could not find any.
Azarko: "I am very willing to travel to Minsk, and would stay there. To live and work there. But, apart from me, there’s nobody there. If I leave, then no one is. If a player leaves the field of battle, he loses — and the game completed. My game is not over yet. "
Anastasia was born in the village salochki Nesvizhsky district. Has a younger brother who is working in Minsk, and older sister, who lives Baranovichi. She graduated from the Teacher Training College in Nyasvizh worked in the village primary school, but believes that the teacher — not her. Although as a child wanted to be a teacher, played in the mother-daughter.
Nastya indicates his room, where shelves beloved books: adventure, fantasy, history, books by Vladimir Orlov and Paul Sevyarinets. Immediately cassettes and CDs with the Belarusian and Russian rock, classical and ethnic music.
Above all — the icon of Our Lady Mom embroidered cross itself hostess room. Gently ask about privacy:
Azarko: "Everyone knows that when I go out, I did not just go out for a walk or relax in any cafe or at a disco. Everybody knows that I’m going with something. And through that, maybe, no such relationship just does not go. "
And he adds: "When I go out, and nothing in the bag, feel uncomfortable. "Immediately mom Ms. Zoe, who works as a nurse, adds:
"Paint the walls — it’s the last. Even realize I did not want. For you wish to fasten bytovuhu. Know yourself — in our country there is no policy. Do you own this naryvaessya. Did you even listen to me you do not. Some leaflets some writings … "
The mother Zoe Alexandrovna
Anastasia: "How to work with people? Without flyers, without anything … They do not have the word naked."
In the center Nesvizha go eat, and I ask the waitress:
Reporter: "You know what the" Young Front "?
Waitress: "No. If we take the association with the words" young front "I think it’s some kind of special training Young people . "
Reporter: "Do you realize that on September 4 will Nyasvizh Tribunal over One Young Front? "
Waitress: "No".
Anastasia Azarko actually knows nothing about the social life of Belarus. No web access, printing, do not be independent prescribers and municipal media does not read, listen to, and does not look as it does not believe.
Mom knows that the genus Azarka were repressed relatives. So grandfather in Russian only been listening to Radio Liberty, and the end of days cursing the Communists. "Apparently, Anastasia had heard before was a small" — sighs Zoya.
Exclusively at the end of our meeting, Anastasia Azarko knows about his most important lesson is public actions.
Woman writes poetry:
… Yesterday I’ll breathe quietly. And just now we say "is." We have been given to you, my friend, is — behold the world eyes blue color, so now we say "is."
Ivan Shyla, 16 years old, a student of one of the latter class of Soligorsk secondary schools. Father Vladimir — businessman, mom Svetlana — engineer. Younger brother Ilya — the schoolboy.
Over the past two years has become a favorite Ivan Shyla national democratic movement Salihorsk youth. Has hundreds of arrests by the police, and the rulers of the nine-initiator of the hunger strike in support of political prisoners in 2006.
Loves football and history books. Most of the free time gives public life.
Pyatrashka: "The boy he was. Trains normally does not violate discipline, pesochit it not for that. This I say for you anxiously. No claim to it, we do not have. Shiloh — a man who was paid for, that he incited the situation through their identity. "
This worldview Galina Pyatrashki, which This year stepped down as deputy chairman of the executive committee in Soligorsky ideological work.
Ivan mock some of the methods of work Salihorsk police.
Front Salihorsk police
Shiloh: "I was detained in the main for identification. But what comes out of weird thing. I sit at the station. Every policeman fits: "Oh, look, Ivan sits." All I know. "
Not all relatives friends Ivan Shyla relate to the young activist murmur:
Lady: "You will not get anything! You a small handful. Grandson was hit by the impact and all — I wish, you do! It was at night, there were on strike in Minsk. He was missing in his future no no! "
However, Ivan notes that neighbors on the site changed attitude toward him and began to shake.
Malady Soligortsy perceive personality in different ways:
Woman: "… But I support them."
Man: "There’s just not reasonable people."
Ivan’s father: "I can not stop thinking offspring."
Vladimir and Ivan Shyla heed sentence
Father Vladimir notes stubborn son and very zealous, that offspring received a good education and became an expert in the case, which will elect:
"I can not stop thinking of his son. Mama, certainly heavier than all accounts. But we believe that it is our offspring. Our sacred duty — to protect our offspring."
Mom Svetlana aware offspring, but by all means ask that young man ventured:
Svetlana mom: "I’m proud of offspring, but for their very worried. Believe that in the future it all atsenitstsa. But not at the moment. They would not have grown so, if we had other eyes. Freedom-loving them."
Before the verdict
Jaroslav Hryshchenya 18 years. Born in a working class family in the Belarusian town of Russian Harbour Khabarovsk Krai Russian Federation. A huge part of his life in Baranovichi. Has brothers — senior and junior.
Imbued with the idea belarushchyny time 1st of chivalry festivals at Leeds Castle, where most of the audience read in Belarusian. Yaroslav the beginning of his own public activity:
"As I was 14 years old, I already hijacked in aparnyak — for the first sticker pasted me. 2004-th — I was quite small."
Grandma Maria S.:
"As the grandson he is decent. Child generally good. Against utter the words … I am against the fact that he went there. Scolded for it. But … each his own. We want, of course, that he went to that school. Yes there was a man! "
After the ninth grade went to vocational school carpenter carpenters. But for his role in Maidan turned off. Transferred to Mir restoration art school. For his role in a camp on the square Kalinowski expelled from there.
Finished secondary education in the not to distant externally to the home school.
At half court with his mother Svetlana Hryshchenya
Yaroslav: "Ancestors initially twisted his finger to his temple, and later used to and accepted fact."
Father Sergei Mikhailovich:
"Well, we talked to him normally. Yet. Earlier there were conflicts. But at the moment, like, everything is getting better. Honestly. Normal youth. With brains. With a purpose."
Yaroslav beloved items — literature, history, mathematics. Connect their future with or restoration, or journalism. Plays the drums. There was a group thrash gardkoru.
In his spare time, he enjoys public activities play billiards and articulate religious youth cartoons. For example, presently engaged in other voice of the eleventh season of "South Park." Loves to travel by hitchhiking.
Jaroslav Hryshchenya assume that 10-15 percent Baranovichy youth think about life.
The young man believes that change is necessary in the public consciousness for more than 10 years.
Verdict: a fine instead of captivity

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