Slavgorod: PRUE, Praposhak or Propoisk?

It turned out that their travel Chernobyl three years after the disaster began in the Mogilev region of Slavgorod.
City and nearby places were part in the evacuation zone — radiation levels there ranged from 15 curies and above.
Hitherto, in the eyes of three charred huts with roofs, overgrown with moss — the main drive of radiation. They just took off on the highway to the city. Showed all the gloomy sign of Chernobyl.
Felix Shkirmankov, past first democratically elected provincial chairman of Mogilev city council, also remembered those huts, briefly saying that when it …
Shkirmankov: ‘I remember, they were removed to the cemetery …’
Sovereign Shkirmankova is now eighty-two. It is called a living history of the post-communist and paslyacharnobylskay Slavgaradchyny. Felix V. was all Russian war where he was wounded four times and received a second group of disability.
In Russian worked in Kolyma, Chukotka, Okhotsk coast to search for uranium and gold. Yet, gold, as he himself says in his eightieth year fall, when he returned to the small home.
Remembering those days, knowing that we write and not known to most local history.

Shkirmankov: "If the Chernobyl disaster happened, I was the only person in Slavgorod, who has had experience as a specialist. Knew the danger is that the" peaceful atom. "
At that time I was a member of the District Party Committee, and came first the secretary Leonov. He attracted me with their gaze. And he offered the plenum make public Chernobyl Commission and chairman elect me.
Commission paid a huge opportunity — it has the right to ask each control how funds are used Chernobyl. And they understood that there was so much nonsense, pretentious!
In the town cracked paving slabs that could serve, and put new ones. Continued agricultural work on illegal land for planting, where pollution has been more than 15 curies per square kilometer. And later, this "productivity", so that was not bad, per hectare raspisvalasya official reports. "
Shkirmankov with colleagues organized the first opposition rally in Slavgorod. By resolution of the resignation of Communist control in the eight thousandth time town withstood a two-hour queue to sign more than five hundred people.
Shkirmankov himself joined the BNF organized sending hundreds of kids for rehabilitation in Germany through the fund "Children of Chernobyl" Gennady Pear. Immediately ran to the Supreme Court and City Hall.
Was indescribable rise, says the Sovereign Felix.
Shkirmankov: "People for the first time felt that it is not dependent on the regional party committee, who will be in the Supreme Council, and from them. And believe it! And when dubbed my name, room rose. Both were such applause that remember for a lifetime . I believe that the victory is promised. But I was very trusting. "
Against Shkirmankova began a smear campaign in the press — they say, "if the geologist, the flyer", "chased longish money". Mayoral elections at the session of the City Council forged voting record.
The case received All-Belarusian resonance. Came second vote, which resulted in the sovereign Felix was unanimously elected chairman. Democrats have gained, so that means for liquidation of consequences of Chernobyl sent directly to the city council.
Shkirmankov: "Immediately been paved areas, and much work has been to guide the kids abroad."
But the arrival of Lukashenko urged Shkirmankova resign.
Shkirmankov: "In 1994 I was already clear that this president leads to cancellation of all democratic principles. There was a problem — to remain in office, means to serve those forces which can not support.
No ability to resist — accepted decrees funding away. Then wrote a statement that "due to the fact that I do not accept the internal and external policies of President Lukashenko, please release the post of Chairman of the City Council."
I was denied — "need to end stand." I say — that only receive a salary, and people spit on you? In short, he urged … "
Now a member of the Union of Belarusian Writers poet Felix Shkirmankov defines his situation Slavgorod as "information blockade". Everything came out after the last year in "libraries Popular Front" collection of his poems vostrapalitychnyh "Yelling, hurts my soul …".
Shkirmankov: "And if an often published in the local newspaper, I was invited to a meeting with the students, as everything is cut off. Leaves newspaper — the verse is not written."
I visited the editorial office of the regional newspaper "Prysozhski edge." Conversation with Vladimir Ryzhenkova deputy editor began, allegedly, decently.
Rizhenkov "Title changed at the end of last year -" Lenin’s word "to" Prysozhski edge. "Our initiative, because the title has lost relevance took its geographical location of the area — on the shore Sozha …"
When talking about more sensitive issues of concern to readers, face Ryzhenkova petrified. Became clear and the refusal to print Shkirmankova.
Rigans: "More troubling is not unemployment, and housing and communal services — road debris. And not in town limits. Currently in the village can not find the owner, who has to fix it.
We have a mutual understanding, mutual understanding and respect to the vertical. She as manager, adviser and curator. Chairman of the Executive Committee Vladimir Danilenko always wondered newspaper. If we assume that it was necessary to write or something else he does not like — causes. And in a constructive conversation find a compromise. "
And now what did not write in "Prysozhskim Territory," but what, in the words of the interlocutor, the local people really live.
One of the first Slavgorodskiy businessmen, 48-year-old Valery Ivankov believes that financial tragedy has already occurred. In the town the full unemployment. The number of personal business soon fell from 150 to 125.
After the 360 th decree prohibiting have hired workers, under threat of dismissal even 130 people. Everything collapses, says Valery.

Ivankov: "We do not know where to go further with that of purchasing power. Average revenue per day — excellent, if 100-150 thousand. From this you have to pay tax, VAT, the pension fund — now it’s two basic values. Second month and can stay in the red. Creamery unprofitable get there three or four hundredths.
People wolves look at each other, ready to unseat, so look for a job. Drying plant stands — no orders. People live very, very poor. Able-bodied young in the main left to work in Russia. And every funny day more and more … "
I Slavgorod Prof. municipal high school, where children are taught in the mechanics of human driver, and the girls on the "housewives". So officially named newcomer profession that combines the ability of former seamstress, milkmaids pavaryhi yes.
Face teacher Informatics Alexander Khaleeva was cloudy when he revealed that the structure of the Lyceum and dormitories, where they live up to 3 hundred students from 3 districts of Mogilev region, located on the area where the radiation level 12 curies — almost limit resettlement.

Hale: "There are places where people resettled, and now inhabit again. In recent Sloboda evicted, and now agro. In Galshyne too … "
To imagine what it means to live in the "forbidden zone", as after 1986 called evicted countryside, another memory from Felix Shkirmankova:
Shkirmankov: "In the first year after the Chernobyl disaster saw in chestnut that planted near the house became a letter indescribably huge sizes. Took line — every piece of 55 cm! Going on a fishing trip, needed undermine worms. And I dug the May beetle larva. Everyday its size — half to two centimeters. A length of this reached 10. This radiation impact on all living things. "
Deruzhinsky: "Two years ago, the institute was about 2 persons on the spot. Currently there is no contest — the demographic situation, many left because of radiation …" — is joined by history teacher, local historian Alexander Deruzhinsky.
The old remember the title places — Propoisk. Interlocutor includes a computer version of the origin and issues here.
Deruzhinsky: "Called had a few — PRUE, Praposhak, then already Propoisk. In 1945 renamed Slavgorod. Yet under Prince Golitsyn was a 32 yard, many wineries.
Legend has it that when people from Russia vorachivalis Sauget with the product went on hold and lowered here all earnings … "
Since Slavgorod District Local History Museum has not, in the institute went on experience. Made first in the country a virtual museum on the Web. His words nonvirtual Director sovereign Khaleeva:
Hale: "Belarusian counterparts in the web no. There special local history museums websites. But there in the form of advertising — come to us, we carry out a sightseeing trip. And here as an analog — you can take and use information."
Kids’ drasti-Fu-te-e! "
I met so far, in the two-story house, where he lives in Slavgorod popular large family Tikhonov. And soul, so to speak, is the organizer of his 41-year-old Larissa. Her profession now sounds like "home tutor children at home." 4 has its own kids, nine and already receiving one granddaughter.
Construction of a second floor paid Belarusian Charitable Fund-English "help children live." Larisa makes an atmosphere of sincerity and warmth — that is palpable from the very first minutes of the meeting.

Larissa: "I was the youngest desk the girl Masha — tell me how much a year for you?"
Masha: "6 …"
Larissa: "Granddaughter four. A private devchenke — Anastasia — pavgodika fulfilled. We all say that this is our future president — all listening, looking.
This is my destiny, for sure. My aunt thirteen own children. And I always liked that they sit down at a large table, dine, have breakfast together. Hubbub, laughter. And just a small walking with the children. And I decided that we should be plenty.
All working together, all the kids help. Someone peeling potatoes, someone cuts. In the garden work together. Guys throw manure, grass lays, bring firewood, hit. All the — cattle, pigs, chickens, dog Dick … "
There is no hope for the government, says the hostess.
Larissa: "Help for foster kids — 150 thousand per person. Naturally, the size of a small — buy shoes or jacket. In This year I Zhenya and Slava graduates a year girls — and they love to dress up.
Wriggle — and I, and the owner of the loan in the bank take. Gasim again take. Their four names — Gasina, Elyaenkavy, Podolak and Tikhonov. Say you need to live a handful. Even if I would not, it is necessary that you each other Remember, do not throw, assisted in failure and in joy.
If the last will of the house, finding I dida good deed. Then we will have the feeling that we live in a nice town, but not in Propoisk … "
Before leaving with the sovereign Shkirmankova drink tea with lemon, ripped from a tree that grows in the room. On the table — grapes from the greenhouse that is not inferior to the southern taste. But from the heart there are other words …
Shkirmankov: "I have not the morning until the evening comes from the soul and head — or you will hear anywhere Belarusian word Slavgorod! Complete in kindergartens, schools, though any establishment!
At one point, a telegram came — to congratulate Gilevich funny day of birth. So they did not want me to take. Say no, dear, it’s municipal and my native language! "
Emperor Felix says about cherished:
Shkirmanov: "I have a poem dedicated Slavgorod. I dream of a day to read it, when will, for sure, the last release from what we have now what is called lukashism. "
My Town — and I congratulate congratulate you and your occupants. I wish you happiness apartments and houses, pain nezasmuchanym years. Liberation looks forward to the first snow in the first frost. For you men perceive death and bleeding and Prony Sog … Neither war nor Chernobyl cloud does not destroy you — could not. Slavgorod — bright dream nevzyatoy on our land …

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