Soon will be fined for what people breathe air

Lady: "Workers Public Utilities take payment for the technical service by multiplying the price per square meter on the size of the apartment. I would like to ask what is the service they performed in my private apartment. For every service when calling the wizard I pay myself. This is what a rip off on the white light throughout Belarus conducted? "
Comrade Parties: "Comrade, owed, you are our constructive opposition, which design your party at least for this year, You can find out? Where young party change? The coming companions? Not to mention the regional affairs. This municipal media are silent. Apparently, your organization deeply conspiratorial. Or maybe the party pocket-portable and consists of 1 person? With international welcome. "
Larissa, Minsk: "I hope you announce it. Soon intensively supports the municipal radio, also on Radio Liberty Gaiduchevici who wished to become president of the Republic of Belarus. Tipo He is opposition. Very addictive personality. Already will exhibit their identity for the position, which he held cannabis. And get her, since there is a confidence in his statements. So here. If he is elected, desire that he raised his offer Lukashenka, so he freed Kozulin. Nobody else, he should be confident that Kozulin not guilty. If he is out, he will be a tremendous reverence of all the people. Indeed Kozulin already served his sentence with a surplus. Haidukevich I voted for, I do not know why. Probably because he stood in the list first. Here is my wish ".
Man: "I have a big request for you and advice. I think. I support many others. I wish that you own the program" Martyrology of Freedom "is not called one name a day, and three or say 5 names. This will allow us to find more people who were killed during Stalin’s purges. I think for you for this must be take three or five minutes of airtime. You it certainly will not be so hard. And we learn a lot more about those people, who disappeared in those terrible years. Thank you for your attention. I think that you will go to meet my desire and request. I am sure many people will support me. "
Man: "All the same, our president — killing people. Replaced in order to end their own days to thank Stanislav Shushkevich for what now need not stand" at attention "to the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU. Replaced in order to thank Stanislav Stanislavovitch for thanks to him that Alexander G. Belarus became God, the king and supreme commander. Instead of this — one dark dark ingratitude and envy. Alexander G. can not accept. Certainly, he would not survive, that the Nobel Peace Prize nominated not him, but Stanislav Shushkevich . "
Constant listener: "Lukashenka constantly reproaches Our homeland that rural households there any problems there. And always addresses: "You see. We did not because their. understand how their bad? And it is not so, and it’s …" is what concerns the bread. But at the moment has passed the message on TV, in Russia that has collected more than 70 million tons of grain. This is 10% more than last year, despite the weather, and so not a good. And cleaning lasts. So for heresy, for that nonsense by our president, to show himself as he the owner of the grain. And we, as time zvyshdobryya conditions were. What he wants to say? The same amount collected in Uzbekistan, as we do, in a country where cotton — basic stuff. We have 7 million, if not heresy, but already there is 6800 thousand. About 7 million. And there cotton — strategic culture. So what this bullshit! "
Valentina Sokolovich: "Listen to your discussion pairs cancellation institution of registration, and the hair is upright from another stupidity authorities. Now and we as citizens of Caucasian nationality in Russia. This is even more power and izbodaem cops. This means that if I leave own city in Minsk, to me fit cop, reclaims passport and reading that I did not spelled out in Minsk fined me. That’s what they all boil down — so that even more people down the skin. Their appetites are creepy. They absolutely brutalized in their own nepakaranastsi. Doing nothing is easier, and make only harder. Understand. Moscow has long been deregistered for Belarusians, and they introduce her own same for people in their own country also. This savagery, As you are not aware of? This will tighten the noose even more on our neck. Soon they will fine people for people just breathe the air. "
Lady: "I hear your transmission and everything turns inside already. What are they from these people so zdekavayutstsa? I’m talking about for yourself. This is a nightmare! I myself live in Bahshty. I know what the local authorities, as they zdekavayutstsa of people. In fact there is a problem as unemployment. So. They divided the people. Fed own dogs, sycophants and zgnoyvayuts people, they do not solve any problems. You see, I’m 10 years old I can not find a job. Since it is shameful. She paid such salaries to people that are impossible to live. My child they keep in the bullpen in the hostel. I am a healthy woman. I’m smart, and they are afraid of me! As my parents were afraid, because they were conscientious people. Understand! Let it wake up trash! You can not kill people as pig fat. Their brains monkeys are fat. And people really are right, expressed as heart broken! This is fascism! This is not to utter. When people are full of health, society can not find? I do a lot for you to write, speak … Threw people on the panel. And some yelling, and some read … Thank you. "
Eugene, Orsha: "Good evening, pochetaemaya" Freedom. "I wish to express my outlook on the prohibition of the celebration of the Battle of Orsha. Anymore disturbance.’s Just laughter.’s Funny — the power of fear of people, I gathered sticks on the open air 12 kilometers from Orsha to commemorate Protz. 1999 I celebrate in Krapiuna Orsha battle field and only this year has not been able to since worked in today. By the authorities is just psychosis, personality disorder with paranoid syndrome. She herself compromise. They have long conspired to something similar. And the last two years overwhelm field provocateurs. It was certainly stood out among us ruskamovem and swearing. They committed theft. Girls stole passport, phone and in the past year in our flags. Our Greek Catholic priest is not released, stopped at the exit of the town car, arrested him together with believers in the offices of the traffic police for 3 hours. Every year at the Cross served prayer in memory of our fallen Protz. What’s in this disgusting? But let everyone know prayer still held on Sunday September 9th in Orsha on victims in Krapiuna field our forefathers. Long live Belarus! "
Lady: "Yesterday at the fair is not quite old lady buying some pretty a cheap fish, noted that from time to time to allow yourself a treat and usually applies zelts, potatoes etc.. But my question is, is happy in her old age, she replied almost toothless mouth, which is very happy. Of such people can safely remove the last shirt. "
Victor Butto, Minsk: "It is evident that the bureaucratic Maples able to throw out into the yard of the President of Belarus after the parliamentary speaker. With great reverence."

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