South American military will remain in Iraq

Congressional hearings on the situation in Iraq has not only to decide the fate of the upcoming fund military forces in Iraq, and for the U.S. presidential campaign in November 2008
The main issue concerning the Yankees most of the Iraq war — when the troops return home?
Gen. David Petreus, supreme control of the U.S. Army in Iraq, said:
"I think that the subsequent summer we will be able to reduce our forces to the level as long as it was before the increase in military forces. I think that we can do and not lose volume work produced breakthroughs in security. "
When indicated the likely reductions of U.S. military forces to the middle 2008 they may remain in Iraq about 130 thousand. Petreus notes that it is too early to call Reductions following summer, and stressed that a hasty withdrawal threatens security in Iraq.
Military successes in the security situation in Iraq and mark are independent experts, and municipal representatives who were sent Congress. One of the more important achievements — improving the situation in Anbar province west of Baghdad, said Petreus, evidenced by the success of nationwide:
"Local elders began to turn away from the" Al-Qaeda ". Here this process, that started in Anbar province, and which helps to achieve such significant configurations there, now expanding in a number of other regions. "
Meanwhile and senior representatives of the U.S. military and diplomatic spheres, and are independent sources indicate that in comparison with the achievements of the security forces in the least significant progress has been made in the work of the Iraqi government over the past eight months. Greater problem is the inability to achieve reconciliation between Shiites and Sunnis.
Senators from Democrats in Congress asked questions about costs to the best hopes of configurations within the next 6 months, if before This time, despite the considerable military aid, the Iraqi government has not reached the progress of the work.
Petreus and Crocker noted that certain services parliamentarians and members of government in Iraq is, although not as significant, as requested by the situation.
Salting in Baghdad Ryan Crocker supported General Petreusa that frisky withdrawal from Iraq before the country will be able to defend itself, can cause severe difficulties in Iraq and the Middle East.

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