Stanislav S., do not pay attention to this gryazyuka

Ilya Kopil, Minsk: "Hello," Freedom. "As you would expect, the media have fallen by municipal honorary Stanislav Shushkevich. Authorities do not like that the global community has expressed intentions while only merit to assess the activities of Stanislav Stanislavovitch. That abomination, which was shown on BT, offends Belarus, Belarusian offends people. Creator of TV is no place on television. They are uneducated, immoral person, ignorant. Stanislav S., do not pay attention to this gryazyuka sparing himself, saves his health. your experience, your knowledge, your global authority will need the latest democratic Belarus. Thank you for your attention. "
Man: "I am very intrigued that you positively assess the situation so that Shushkevich nominated for the Nobel Prize. For what? For the fact that he ruined Russian Alliance? For what he brought nuclear weapon? Nuclear weapon was a dove of peace! "
Czeslaw Pazlevich "Hi," Freedom ", I also give out Stanislav Shushkevich Stanislavovitch candidate for winners to receive my pension. In ERISA April 17, 1992, he shared the Belarusians to" own and others’. "Earned retirement in Belarus and went beyond the man is not allowed to receive it. For this he was a huge "thank you". Signed into law the chairman Supreme Council of the Republic of Belarus S.Shushkevich. With reverence. "
Galina, Minsk: "Good evening," Freedom. "I do not have a computer, I’m an old man, I say to you, that" Freedom Night "recently celebrated the anniversary of its existence. For this reason, I believe that it came out in 2006 year. Thank you for your attention. "
Lady: "Hello," Freedom "On Russian TV screens showed mourning anniversary of the terrible catastrophe in Beslan. Ladies in black, flowers, Gryzlov speaks words of compassion, sorrow, discussions about international terrorism. Reign Russian Empire with fire and sword conquered the Caucasus. And it has passed through the fire century. flinched. withstood the hands of those who shot at school by children. Thank you all the best. "
Man: "What about Adamovich. Naturally, whatever the writer was not there. Decent people, no questions asked. Well, I read his" sons go into battle "" War under the roof "" guerrillas. "So for myself. Weak such apavyadannitsy or story . But it’s good, it is for any. But surprisingly, as you and others emphasize, it must disarm, and nuclear energy should be eliminated. And who is this smart NOT dreaming? Who says this is not? Millions of people globally they say it is. "

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