Stanislav Shushkevich: Russia is vorachivaetsya position on the former USSR

Shushkevich: "Russia more vorachivaetsya position on the former Soviet Union and wants to be an empire that threatens the world with nuclear warheads. You see, once excellent Ales Adamovich said that this monster who bristled with its nuclear missiles against the rest of the world. That this goes.
Who need it, I do not understand. And what Belarus is bad, and that is the greatest threat — the placement of such structures in the Belarusian countryside — it’s completely understandable. And in this hell we can only lead Lukashenko vernamaskovskae citizenship. "
Reporter: "Tell me, how do Your views, must respond Belarusian authorities to such a statement of the Russian ambassador? "
Shushkevich: "The current Belarusian authorities will react because Lukashenko will react. They no its position can not have. Neither the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, neither the Council of Ministers. And so they will be expected to react like that. "
Lech Walesa nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize Stanislav Shushkevich, 24.08.2007
Online conference with Stanislav Shushkevich, 6.12.2006

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