Stanislav Shushkevich: We do not have free media. There is only a propaganda agency.

One of the questions Lena Ravbetskaya of Grodno in connection with the nomination of Shushkevich for Nobel Peace Prize: "In states that are working properly, municipal awards, for sure, at least. A prize fund shall be established, public organizations, private person … There are a range of views and prizes. Why do we have so happens that there’s Belarusian Association of Journalists, she devotes to international diplomas awarded any people? They generally do not know the country. Nobody knows them. In the world know — in the country do not know … Why do we have such principle? And whether he is likely in general under the existing regime? "
Shushkevich: "You know, in society maimed, disfigured in the country very hard obey worthy principles, which you had read … You correctly state that at times do not understand why addition or other journalist nominated for a certain premium. And I do not know! But later, when I pashnyrayu on web, see what he did … "
Absolutely listen to answer videafragmentse (3,5 Mb).

Listen to the transfer of Alexander Ulitenko the evening air now, 14 September.

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