Supporters of the detainees held a picket in front of the courthouse

Who judged the Young
About 20 people formed a human chain and held white-red-white flag, Portraits of the Young, who now will be judged and a banner "Freedom to political prisoners". A couple of minutes later, they shouted "Freedom for political prisoners."
In the Tribunal Leninsky district, which is in the House of Justice came to the detained activists, representatives of the French Embassy, human rights. Midst of recognizable people — Siuchyk, Ales Makaev Dashkevich.
The Tribunal has not yet begun.
Recall that in the court of Lenin district of Minsk now be judged youth activists detained on November 7 about the structure of the KGB. They then held the banner "Communism on trial." Juvenile released, and 5 against members of an unregistered organization "Young Front"Accounted for the role of protocols in an unsanctioned picket. This Anastasia Palazhanka, Shaputska Tatiana, Anastasia Loiko, Alexei Januszewski and Anton Rusin.

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