Svetlana Aleksievich: Our civilization, our people are just beginning

"I am sorry — I can not use their native language so as to be equal to itself"

(Oleg Gajewski, Minsk :) "My primary matrix Russian, but see — learned to read in Belarusian, why do you at least do not use colloquial variant native word?"
(Aleksievich) "I was born in a family of rural teachers — my mother is Ukrainian, Belarusian father. And it so happened that has grown in the Russian culture. And then was the project of my life — to write an autobiography empire autobiography utopia through stories" malehankih people. "This idea read in Russian.
Today while posing many questions completely different. We as a civilization that was too late, all about language … Sorry — I can not use it so as to be equal to the most for themselves. But I consider myself Belarusian writer. And artistic mentality I Belarusian. And thinking Belarusian. My texts warms the human warmth of our people, our geography — all this is in my blood! "

"Our offense gives rise to our same inability to modernize, inability to be like the others"

(Gajewski) "Why did the authorities of the Russian Federation and Belarus first hammered into the heads of people hate or at least suspicion of the United States of America?"
"It ended adore in the world … As for our circumstances, I think — it’s the middle of the rest is due to the complex offense. If 20 years fell Kremlin wall, that this empire utopia, it seemed oh so will not communists, we immediately begin to live in really! essentially for two years need to make an incision in the lawn at the same time on the same length. We did not know then where will then roads, cars are great … In the end, no one does not expect in the world — more by inertia fear. Here we are offended not fit to assist, as fast as I think, in the end all life will not be adjusted …
This is our inability to modernize, inability to be like others and generates’s such resentment. And as in Belarus authorities uncultured and even totalitarian, then, of course, first it provokes human nature — the hatred of others, hatred of the other, to a beautiful hatred. This is her method of survival, the method of comprehending the world.
On the other hand we can not say that the whole blame only vertical, Lukashenko. As once the blame for all piled only Stalin. No, what job to do any of us. We need to work on their locality. "
(Olga Borisenok, Mozyr) "The problem of" human malehankih "universal. But especially for nations such as ours, which is still at the stage of self-determination. Lot of you where he wasand then notice it? "
"Looking at that equated — a world very different lives in different times. In Europe — with the knowledge that the person is the only life that he has a right, it’s that he has his own territory — there is not a declaration, but the fact . And we have people as a measure of non-existent.
When I think of our party, their appeals, the feeling is born: it clubs illusions. We Social Democrats another illusion, the Communist Party in the second, in the third UCP … In other words — no soil: certain "small man. ‘ Which reads as follows: Here is my territory — my house does not carry it off, as it is conceived to select playground under construction, the smoke we can all gather together and defend it … Here is the area on which to work and create a civilization, we have, unfortunately, no. There’s only aboriginal expectation: Lukashenko decent, good king or anyone else. We always give someone the job. And you must start with yourself. "

"In Belarus, I talk to people who have well not absolutely ate, drank, dressed …"

(Maria, Gomel) "Our Homel quagmire must somehow sometimes unclear what ruffled — words about the general mlyavasts specifically about us!"
"With all that’s important not to succumb to despair of this, it’s the realization that much left for you — it will be repeated. On the one hand people can and realize that they are trained to live, and later, as a consequence, will come some dignity, awareness that life is not only the "Mercedes", stuffed with cottage or cool. But while indeed we must admit that social life is completely gone!
And here, Mary, for me really question where the brain in general civilization, to which the appeal of our party? Why we did not use the gray matter? How does it happen? "
(Mary) "You raise a very important problem of. Would add to the pronunciation: people have forgotten that they are in Belarus, and not on some terrain, because they do not completely worried about the fate of the country …"
"Man has permitted itself to be reduced. I can never not respect his people, and yet from time to time I ask the man hunt: Well, what’s with you where you are, why? It feels like you’re dealing here with a kind of lethargic bedtime. "
(Mary) "If everyday conversation translate in civilian plane, people become pale eyes …"
"How sad, but should really recognize that we have not yet civilization. What is happening here at the moment, it is impossible to imagine even in malehankih Estonia. They — Estonians. Our other neighbors — Latvians and Lithuanians. And here I am talking to man who has a car, no car, whose daughter trained, can not afford to explore … In other words I say well, even with someone who is in a state of precise crotch. Which still well not absolutely ate, drank, dressed … This is just the beginning of civilization and the beginning of man.
And I think at least some kind of illusion (national, there, or any other) unsafe and even criminal. Criminal convictions on the basis of mental, because we are then accomplices of power — we hold a person in the same state, we do not help him.
And you need to correctly stated: yes, that such people — people-child. People who do not know who he was — a Russian or Belarusian. He’s just here until some of these complex needs and desires. People have learned to just "wish". They "wish", but do not think — it is still a different process.
That’s why I always shouted: "Where the elite?" There are just politicians who also seemed a grouse is the 20 years in a row: "Rotten Lukashenko, Lukashenko bad!" Or "Why did you not go to the demonstration!"
Just everything changes! Need to finally realize why exactly he did not exactly stroll?
If the rest I can not claim to have, as a shepherd to his flock, because she is such, and not the other, then to the "pastors" I have a claim. Namely, why such a break with their own people and what is happening in the world … "

"In the coming half a century will be an important environmental story in the history of social"

(Yuri Gumenuk, writer, Grodno) "Why in Belarus undistinguished genre such as the novel?"
"This is a global problem. Former world view, which was held design world, after the Chernobyl disaster, the collapse of the Russian Empire, the events of September 11, 2001 in America, when we started entirely new war, when right on the nose appeared ecological history and it became clear that it will become more important in the coming social history rug years — everywhere in the world there is a novel thought. The novel concept of the world a lot, realize?
When I hear that someone has written a novel, there Gnilomedov got some award for his novel, and our ladies on the novel written in the year, then all of this I can only smile. Because in fact there is currently no Novel thoughts. Many Roma rights.
Novel we have now — only time. And our words and thinking antediluvian. I would have said — even cave. In terms of aesthetic development here that modern reality in which we find ourselves.
It’s all such domestic children’s games, which to comfort each other. But it is — in the sense of some serious novelty for the archive population. What is the new style, text, brand new aesthetics — anything that we do not possess.
Roman is exclusively in life. And with the words — I again repeat — did somethingaxis. Near fine words here this some crazy fighter and vzvyshayuchym frightening us life. "

"Awards such a level as we have at the moment — just a standard gangster justice"

(Gumenuk) "U-independent circles constantly repeated: it is necessary that one of Belarusians won the Nobel Prize. How do you feel about this dilemma?"
"This method of Belarusians and Belarus to declare that they are in this world. Quite unprincipled But where you live — in principle, as you think.
Premium level such as we have at the moment — just a standard gangster justice: here is the writer loves me, and he won, respectively. Either there are own-together — now God knows who got: svuta mediocrity, even byazdarnastsi I’d said. These are the times now …
But the writer, as an athlete, as the level of the premium needed: I run! I myself have a lot of international awards (and no one Belarusian, by the way) — well, it’s nice, even gratifying. And why not?
And why do not qualify for the Nobel? But I do not know to whom and for what? Was Bykov was Adamovich — that people who could receive this award. Now I can even figure in such applicants, but look at it from the side somehow. Since certain things conceived, but they azhytstsyavyatstsa? Will I is this? I do not know … And talking about themselves, and about what is happening here in Belarus.
Give me one name that we listen as Bykov Adamovich or streaming? Which is a moral, spiritual authority, mental authority that it is very crucial. Unfortunately, now it is not … "

"Dictatorship, even lightweight, provincial, insecure that stops time and man"

(Ales Hilimon) "In my opinion, now — while byazdarnastsi: bestalantnaya policy, allowed magazines printed bestalantnye writers on stage singing those who do not have to go up there, bestalantnoe BT indicates the same bestalantnuyu Belarusian advertising …"
"My friends — the remarkable people who once so did not want to do a little then, 20 years ago, when everything was falling apart, who were sitting on the ruins with happy faces and inspiring sight — believe in change for the best … All but turned much folding.
Dictatorship, even a lightweight provincial, as we do, what is unsafe? That it takes time. Stops person. Writers, painters did not they say about any metaphysical things than they are supposed to do. But it’s not interpreted.
Realize we should not be held hostage to Lukashenko, his kolkhoz crazy! In particular, for the elite essentially get out of its influence, from his hypnosis feel in the world, not only in Belarus. Not afraid to repeat again: be Belarus, but in the world! "
(Hilimon) "The last presidential election showed that the Belarusians are inert to those who govern them. Maybe this is one way to keep yourself as a civilization pretending that empty rules, and we will live as we can!"
"You did a very good accent. All summer I lived in the middle of the village farmers — such unblemished Belarusians, even without any admixture of higher education (often this is our civilization, not" spoiled "what fear favorites or Tolstoy or Dostoevsky). So Here at first it seemed to me that there some biyazhytstse. And then realized: there’s a profound truth about which you uttered at the moment. After all, before the summer I went to a lot of strong Russian outback and beheld the disappearance of farms, overgrown fields, entirely perapityh men … And we all somehow spinning, something is being done, a small country we have a more or less look …
No really hard here, as in Russia, the division between rich and poor, nor social democracy and socialism — that’s something else … And people somehow intuitively survives in this system. Some wisdom in this life there. This should be a lot to think … I do not know, I do not have ready answers — very unusual life: from socialism to capitalism still no one came. Social Democracy as unnecessary thrown, kicked Slavic dream — a lot of problems that require a great debate. "
(Hilimon :) "What do you think about the general Belarusian horror?"
"Politicians all the answers to what is happening to us, are reduced to one: the personality of Lukashenko. From textbooks thrown everything behalf of the Belarusian literature. So what? Writers up? Teachers written petition somewhere? Of course, that happens , is the main culprit, and we are all party to it.
Began talking about the usual huge executioners, but they also had to bring someone, someone had to interrogate, to protect, to shoot for step aside — there are thousands of malehankih executioners, co … No matter what the dictatorship, as camp corrupts and a cat, and a sacrifice. We all evil this time. We all need to resist it. All together, each individually! "

"You have to accept, agree with this crotch time, try not to skip it because you will get only in the pit …"

(Guy) "your book, I almost bought yesterday on the market — and on it are trading that take …"
"How Lukashenko in power for so many years I do not give here — together with many writers hit him in the" dark "lists. But I do not want to print in the world — better at home …"
(Guy) "In the midst of many other things I am very in tune with your reasoning about the language."
"We need to put up that we here such civilization itself here on the stage, and in the state’s language. And still need to accept, agree with this crotch time, try not to skip it. Indeed, apart from the pit, then you will not get anywhere. Well, not is another person — with this, the present, to live and to look for a common language … "
(Tatiana Protko, Minsk), "How do you feel about male chauvinism in politics, in life, in work? Either real equality of men and ladies in our lives?"
"We have, I see patriarchal affairs — Russian times of the worst kind. Love the words of one of our Belarusian feminist" My feminizm completed as I open the door of his apartment! "Unfortunately, we repeat someone else’s actual experiences liberalism there feminizm — but live as if it had just come out of the village We all — the villagers, with the knowledge of the essence of the village men, ladies and everything else.
And we have the power of the village, and bandits we rustic — we wish we like it or not, but we do not yet own, so to speak, "homegrown" … And adjoining the world in which men are not quite men and ladies are not quite the ladies flew here yet not enough. But all this does not bother me. I have a matter of life, I’m doing it. Case in disposition, the case in the life and in the end — in the end. "
(Leonid, Minsk) "You write a book about utopia, which 20 years ago collapsed. And here she is now embodied again!"
"You hurt for a time in the state in which we currently are — and I understand that. I write about human nature, how hard it is to keep inside man … Sergei Grahovski, our poet, who served for 17 Stalin years, said, possible was to write a denunciation of yourself? It unfolds in a rage and says, "A Viennese chair leg in the anus — all they want to sign it! .."

"Time is still not suspend. Those not yet fallen empire — that’s where hope! .."

(Guy) "In civilized nations have their own pantheon. Needs own pantheon Belarusians? Who stands there to bury?"
"Talk about the pantheon of very difficult when we are sitting on the ruins … I remember how to settle Orlov walked around Prague, and he read: Belarusian history, Belarusian heroes … I said to him:" I agree, we all have about what you mentioned, but how sad Come out in the center of Minsk there and try to find traces Protz — where are they? And here, in Prague, at every step, though for what angle you see the past. We’re kind of just ate drank yes — a mood from time to time is out of desperation …
But it is unfair and first explained sadly, we did not go out, as we all … That we were late.
In our history, the names of people who can adore a lot. Pity about this speech is only a small range of intelligent … That no states have to admit: we bovtaemsya in a vacuum, with a man really is something going on.
Our culture is not able to resist the American mass culture. Here, even the French have difficulty … In principle, it is about a man who wants to live simply, which are not needed poems, books — he wants kajfovat, have fun. This, as you can see, the problem around the world.
As for the new stories, I can tell who adored. I loved Ales Adamovich — is our Belarusian Vaclav Havel. Just imagine such person power — could be then others and people and the country. I miss him … I loved Vasil Bykov, written by him, the way he lived … Either died not so long ago, my old friend, granny Dmitrievna. World of which she spoke — as beheld touch as talking to God, good and evil — is very holistic, organic, it all over the place … And it would have taken to the pantheon.
Pantheon each own. He is. This is what gives us support. No matter what, today’s time is fascinating: people learn to adore himself, trained adore life … Then comes the life that neither Lukashenko nor matter what dictatorship will not overcome. Time is still not suspend. Those not yet fallen empire — that’s where hope.

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