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Get into Svirany easy. One has only to turn to a new way of Minsk 20 km from Vilnius and 5 from the Belarusian-Lithuanian border. However, this is not so often.
Steh: "I’m in this place at all was one time in my life when svyatkavavsya 150-year anniversary a day or birthday Frantisek Bogushevich. It was in 1990, had a lot of guests from Belarus. They are actually saying, and organized this event … Were members of our club "Syabryna" Society Belarusian culture in Lithuania, many local inhabitants … Since that time, I was not here. "
Valentine Steha can be called the ancestor of the Belarusian movement in post-communist Lithuania. It is currently in Vilnius and Vilnius is a huge number of foci belarushchyny, but around the beginning was the club "Syabryna" which Valentin together with like-minded people did in the late ’80s.
My companion recognized now, going on a trip to his homeland Frantisek Bogushevich specifically read his poems and revised biography, and — suddenly itself — in the face of the writer and his fate and found a lot in common with their own personality reasonably, and with their gaze on life and the world.
Steh: "With age, over the years I wanted to find out those Belarusians who always, according to statistics, in Vilnius was a lot. But I personally did not know nothing to do 1st Belarusian-Belarusian — while not intentionally set out to find."
If Bogushevich was just the opposite: he knew perceived as a lawyer at a huge number of Belarusian people who do not know what they were Belarusians who did not call themselves so. Something had to move them when he began to bring them the truth that they will feel about … And now what compels a person to make their own choice?
Steh: "I do not know what motivated Francis BOGUSHEVICH. Drove me over the edge of pride, where I was born, and to whom I considered, and feel obliged to."
An excuse for a trip to Svirany this time is very impressive. We bring to the library Belarusian books. Eleven stack of literary heritage Alexei Anishchik or Andrew hellebore, which was not in the spring. Various covers, various names: "Mondinskaya ballad", "Veronica Vera", "gymnasium Novogrudskaya" … Anishchik widow, Mrs. Allen, cares for the couple to come down to the people of the book. Valentin took to help her.

The fact that in the barn there who read the new Belarusian books, he almost does not fluctuate.
Steh: "This land borders with Belarus specifically. This is the land, which from time immemorial, including Russian."
Check it so or not, we will soon.
Rantsuvene: "Who am I? Polka! .. Here all the number of Poles just speak a language … usual. I have something at home do not speak the local. Or in Polish, in Russian. "(Reads in broken Russian language)

Rantsuvene pensioner Maria, was born in a barn, lives in Vilnius. Parent came to sell the estate. Requests million 200 thousand litas states that already have intarasanty verge had approach on trade. Think what we have and those buyers are not — so it looks a little disappointed. But when it comes to childhood alive.
Rantsuvene: "Here, says the mill was, but not in my memory. I just remember that remained on the river itself … a waterfall, and there — trout, crayfish. Out of nothing, no cancers or trout . river swamp reclamation was after. "
Almost everything has changed as a barn for advice and farm. Last configuration now. Like mushrooms after a rain, here and there growing up, luxurious cottages. Most Svirany same as before — not a village, and — yards, farms, houses, papastavlyanyya around the place where the father was born Belarusian literature. This place is a long time could figure on the balance of the foundation. At this point here — the cross and chapel with a bas-relief Bogushevich: if desired, and not to know or to circumvent, you can not, whoever and whatever kind was called.

Teresa: "Patricia presently we have here is very pristizhnoe name. A boys Patrick became known. Vaughn and her neighbor and son Patrick."
To our community joined Teresa, smiling black pullet. Her parents’ house — across the street from the chapel, on the wall of the house — another reminder of the place of his birth: white-red-white sign saying Belarusian Latin.

Teresa — putnitsa and has already visited many other places in his 34 years.
Teresa: "In Hungary, Austria, many times — in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden. On the tour went, look at the world. Not only the light that in the windows …"

Currently Teresa is engaged in repair and to illumine will move on to become parents. In Vilnius, as before will work in PHOTO, but here in the barn — house, housing, life. How would Bogushevich said, "I do not like places in Russian city, very big and there tsyasnota smorad."
But neither of these lines of the poet or other Teresa did not cite. In the local Polish school, where she studied, Bogushevich not pass.
The coming to the village barn — Savichuny — for yakix pavkilyametra. Library and Club — in the same building. And he stands on the mound, as befits a temple. With a memorial plaque stares into familiar landscapes Bogushevich marble. It — work known all over Lithuania Belarusian architect Edward Podberezskaya. Inscription on blackboard — 3 languages: Belarusian, in Lithuanian and Polish.

Books in the library and in various languages. In fact a noble place — shelf dedicated Bogushevich — portrait deployed editions and "Sviranskiya kreski" most notable bagushevichaznavtsy Vladimir sodalite. New Belarusian book takes us from the daughter of Renato librarian. Convinces between 250 readers of the library there are fans of the Belarusian literature.
Sorting the books, again return to Svirany, so naastachu look around and how to listen to local people. Here — Zoe Ashkilovich:
Zoe: "I’ve been radivshysya in Belarus, but I’m here and I pryvyazli sviranskaya reckoned with."
"And to be sviranskim — what’s that mean?"
Zoe: "Svirany teraz we shchytaetstsa as such has little resort area. Indeed, there are here and build homes — further in the woods around the lake. Svirany implement centuries known. Indeed Bogushevich lived here."
"Well, you’re in Belarusian not read, Zoe?"
Zoe: "No. I was walking in the Russian school, Polish-speak excellent read, in Lithuanian."
"Harm, since we just books brought in Belarusian Savichunskuyu library. Then who will read them, listen to? "
Zoe: "We need to learn. Maybe mother will teach. Indeed mother that reads in Belarusian.’s Mother walked into the Belarusian school."
Dana: "In Vilnius, my sister lived. They gave us a recommendation that this house is sold here … Then everything else were not separated, it was all Russian — both Lithuania and Belarus."
This is Mrs. Dana Krupenino, one that is able to read in Belarusian and promises to educate a daughter Zoe, so read a book together, replenishing the local library collection. Ms. Dana hails from Postavski.
Dana: "Close the limit, but what it is now without a visa will not go to Belarus. I likewise choosing a visa. Dyadun buried there, my grandmother there. So I go twice a year and be there for 10 days."
"Well, now, as there is a limit as two different countries, and it is possible to associate — where better where horrible?"
Dana: "I went to Belarus as a sister … And there is also live. Must have been like who pryspasobivshysya."

Ms. Dana Svirany love, adapted as I could, and to local characters and multilingualism Vilna region.
Dana: "Lithuanian lang
uage reads … I’m not saying I understand almost everything, but to me the answer is to that that, I need to think about. So I was either already in Polish in Russian. Here we have no Lithuanians. All they say like this, we have such a normal state language. Well, and where are you here to learn Lithuanian as no Lithuanians. To Lithuanians did, they would learn to correct. "
"But the authorities should be able to Lithuanian. They all sorts of paper and draw …"
Dana: "Bosses — yes, they can. But the people they say they are so as stated people. "
Leaving Svirany, together with my companion Valentin Steham do by their own posture. In 1-x, whiteRussian language, her no names — either local or direct, but it there is, and it is alive. And this means that the books we brought, will be read. At least, it is to believe in the hunt. And here Bogushevich know and remember. And more. Most of the poems Bagushevichavyh sounds as before burning. That’s at least as this:
Off bottles, tubes, cards! Vain waste time is not necessary. Let alive will move with a cane in a holy crusade!
We are not calling the far edge of the opponent’s Teach us custom awaits us in our region our Native people.

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