Symmetric measures against U.S. officials MFA

Belarus MFA has its own "Black list" of U.S. officials
First, in August, official Washington has expanded the list of Belarusian officials restricted arrivals in the United States. As explained by the Belarusian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Vanshyna in criteria such "one-sided unmotivated actions by the United States" Belarus is obliged to do so symmetric measures.
Ms. Vanshyna clarified: the same as the U.S. drew up a list of banned Belarusian managers, "black list" of American officials there and at the Foreign Ministry of Belarus:
"Naturally, there is a list on certain categories of American officials. And, in my opinion, with this moment must everything is clear. "
Jonathan Moore happened before refusing visas to U.S. officials
At the request of Radio Liberty Belarusian authorities’ decision commented Chargé d’Affaires in Belarus Jonathan Moore:
"We have not officially informed the Foreign Ministry of Belarus, what caused such a decision and of whom U.S. officials will deal with it. But the case before the denial of visas to U.S. officials — for various reasons. For example, in the past wasBelarusian visa canceled and Deputy Secretary of State for European Affairs Dan Fried. We are waiting for an official navavvodiny disk imaging of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry. "
As for the accusations of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry earlier "unfriendly steps the United States," Moore said, the South American priemuschestvenno step based on the U.S. concern about the situation in Belarus. Jonathan Moore stressed that the U.S. official warned Minsk unless political prisoners are released, then America will introduce appropriate sanctions against the regime and the people who cooperate with it.
Belarusian-American affairs small
Virtually all of the official delegations of Belarus in the United States occur in the period up to 1994. In January 1994, the first and so far last time in history-independent Belarus, Minsk visited the then U.S. President Bill Clinton. After coming to power of Alexander Lukashenko contacts at the highest level have been virtually eliminated.
In the same 1990 by inertia in Belarus went volunteers of charitable organizations that have supported the first victims of the Chernobyl tragedy. Yes, and humanitarian assistance to the Belarusian authorities was unnecessary, and uniformly cooperation petered minuscule.
Tourist flows U.S. people just bypass Belarus. In the best case, then one day stop the Americans, who are moving in transit to Russia from Western Europe.
As for visits motivated, then this list is headed by evangelical denominations pastors who go on Worldwide, in including and Belarus, with the missionary purpose. Several Yankees students in Belarusian universities, unit managers are here the interests of U.S. companies.
International affairs rescue sport?
Perhaps the most recognizable of the Yankees in Belarus — Curt Fraser, head coach of Belarus in hockey. And here it occurs only during the commission of the state of the team before the official matches.
Interior Minister Vladimir Naumov, who, though in the list of banned officials, but the rank of the head of the Belarusian Ice Hockey Federation holds personal guardianship Fraser, does not consider the case of US-Belarusian "dead end." Nedavneshney during a press conference about the destination of Fraser for the post of head coach Naumov said:
"I would not say that we have such a complicated deal with the U.S.. And I still work a public meeting with representatives of America, which help our country, and basic work. During the last 3 years the Belarusian police officers working in the U.S.. Every six months, a group of employees each other changing. Together we disclose general crime related to child pornography. Naturally, we have questions, they will remain, but as an example, the same sport is worth a bit higher than the political issues between countries. It has always been and will be. "

Except top managers of Belarus who are not entrance has long been in advanced "black list" from the beginning of August were bureaucrats level of deputy ministers, with deputy Attorney General, police and KGB officers in zvannyah above colonel, employees ideological departments of the executive committees, the head of the Presidential Administration with the Vice , chairman of the Constitutional Court, the CEC members, chairmen of regional election commissions and other officials. Declared banned nd wife listed officials.
According to the South American control, extending the range was committed in connection with the fact that a year after the introduction of visa restrictions against high-power control of Belarus Lukashenko continues to persecute people for expression in defense of democracy, peaceful demonstrations and protests against the repressive policies of the regime.

Belarus imposes visa restrictions for U.S. officials, 22.08.2007
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