On passing in Seoul the International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition showcased two variants of the South Korean government promising fighter development program there for KFX, reports flightglobal.com October 29.

The first model introduced state aircraft maker KAI (Korea Aerospace Industries), the second is the principal project of the Agency for Defense Development ADD (Agency for Defense Development, Seoul).

KAI unveiled the single-engine combat aircraft, which from the outside looks like a combat training aircraft T-50, which was created in collaboration with the American company Lockheed Martin. It is reported that the fighter will be broadly applied technology, tested on the T-50. One source reports that the fighter can be applied turbofan Pratt & Whitney F100 or General Electric F110, which is installed on F-16 fighters.

ADD introduced the concept of the twin-engine fighter with a power plant, similar to the South American F-35 development of the same Lockheed Martin.

Both projects aim at the creation of the stealth fighter to equip the Air Force in South Korea, but both aircraft have internal compartments guns. Fighter must be resettled advanced radar, avionics, computers, and other on-board systems. As reported by the media in relation to programs from KFX there is «a large fraction of uncertainty.»

If South Korea will continue to cooperate with Indonesia on programmke KFX (U.S. reluctantly agreeing to the transfer of technology Jakarta), most likely Air Force will buy 120 fighters, Indonesia — 80. KAI The company also hopes to get more export orders for fighter aircraft of this type.

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