T.Sevyarynets: They want me to stand before the authorities on his hind legs!

Tatiana Seviarynets says that at first did not really pinned its hopes that the trial could end in its favor. Following the meeting, the regional board only fulfilled its judgment.
"The present decision of the Vitebsk Regional Board just is a single stream in order decision that adopted regarding my son yesterday if any violations of the law was not — and all confirmations scattered. In short, this is another illustration of the fact that our country no laws. And if one of the arbitrators so mockingly saw "I do not understand where is the policy" that immediately became clear: political conditions specifically not allowed arbitrators to make the right decision about my dismissal. If not for the political activities of my son and that I’m helping him, this situation there would be no! Authorities want me to stand in front of them on their hind legs and looked into their mouths. And I never did and will not do! "
Konstantin Seviarynets, trustee Tatiana tried to draw attention to the Board that the management of the district education department used nevnarmavanasts individual acts of labor law, to dismiss the teacher-oppositionist. But the judges did not hear his evidence.
Konstantin Seviarynets: "Do not directed attention neither the Labor Code nor the collective contract or the status! Everything about them was decided in advance. And so we are going to appeal the judgment of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in the republican prosecutor’s office. In short, go through all the instances and leave if there is nothing to venture on an international level. To still achieve truth and justice! "
Tatiana Seviarynets was fired after high school number 40 Tipo for truancy. In late March, she wrote a statement on vacation at his own expense, signed by the head of the district education department Vladimir Shloma. Through several days revealed that then he canceled his own decision. Returning from vacation, Tatiana Seviarynets found that missed 6 working days. On April 28, she was fired. And at the moment Tatiana Seviarynets unemployed.
Tatiana Seviarynets regional court
Konstantin Seviarynets: "Do all of them, it was decided in advance!"
The Tribunal refused Tatiana Seviarynets in reinstatement, 18.06.2007
Tatiana Seviarynets: "The Tribunal is not lost, I lost it!", 18.06.2007

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