T. Tsishkevich student will be judged for disobeying the police

Tatiana Tsishkevich so ignorant of the conflict with the staff of the Central police station in Minsk: "On September 7, the Central police station brought my friends youth activists. I expected them to the police station hallway when I was rudely began to drive out of the District Department employee. I protested and claimed the book of complaints and suggestions. In response, I drew up a protocol for insubordination and now will be judged. It turns out that the average person can not and complain about the illegal actions of policemen? This is nonsense and lawlessness. I’m going to apply to the tribunal. "
Tatiana month reversed Tsishkevich already tried to complain about the police. August 16th, a woman was beaten by riot police in Minsk during detention youth activists the Minsk Avenue favorites. Tatiana Tsishkevich got to the clinic, her complaint to the police to This time checked.
Tatiana Tsishkevich: "Law enforcement officers who beat women, we do not need", 30.08.2007
Knocked youth activist remains in the clinic, 17:08:07

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