Taking care of your own bone may warn against diabetes

In his article in the journal "Cell" Managing team doctors Colombian Institute Dr. Gerard Karsentsi reports that stagnant cells secrete a hormone titled osteakaltsyn regulating blood sugar levels. Dr. Karsentsi writes that his team eventually at the molecular level to find evidence that doctors follow for centuries — a link between aging, more frail bones and increasing weight:
"If you will be over 50, you are bound to gain weight even though you are struggling intensely with this and eat less than if you had for 15-20 years. This occurs when bone mass decreases and the allocation falls osteakaltsynu . "
Dr. Karsetsi writes that not everyone who is overweight, unhealthy diabetes. But about 90 percent of cases of type II diabetes (diabetes or regained) are associated with excess weight. Experiments in the Colombian Institute showed that the highest level in the blood of mice osteakaltsynu did not give them fall ill with diabetes and excess weight gain by eating high-fat food. According to the views of Dr. Karsentsi respectively healing for people can be found very quickly:
"It should go very quickly, as osteakaltsyn — a hormone of our own body. Because taksychnasts will be limited."
Soon scheduled tests on monkeys and then in humans. But scientists believe people able to do almost everything for bone health is at the moment. It first, — aerobics and exercise. Also — diet, respectively, because a lot of strong bones require calcium and vitamin D. These substances very many dairy products, before milk and cheese, as bean curd (tofu), beans with fasting FEZs (tahini), sardines and other marine products.

Diabetes expanding rapidly in all statesah. In 2000, diabetes patients in the world was 171 million, in 2030 will be already 366 million. Greater increase in the incidence of this disease is expected in the third world.

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