Tasty bread cost 670 first month, and at the moment — 900 rubles

Ilya Kopil, Minsk: "Good Morning Freedom. Statement I am outraged Russian Ambassador Alexander Surikov its intention to arrange a nuclear weapon on the ground in Belarus. I am sure that the application is made with the consent of the Belarusian government. Run" trial balloon "- how do you respond Belarusian society . NATO does not threaten us. placement of missile defenses in Poland and the Czech Republic, we should welcome. Razmyastsivshy Russian gun to our area, the government is doing a great danger to our country. Thank you for your attention. "
Emperor, Minsk dweller: "Dear Freedom, salting RF advocated likely placing their own missiles on the territory of Belarus. It is associated with Belarus Chechnya, where do that althoughthat’s an insult to the Belarusian people. It should be expelled from Belarus soon as possible. Thank you. "
Larissa, Minsk: "I raise prices, which will follow soon. All this — is not new. So was occur. This is the result of "economic miracle" in Belarus, where much has been said and shown. Increase in prices has been going a long time. But notice it only those people who have any registered any penny. On our daily bread, which it is, the cost increases every day. For example, bread "Tasty": first month cost 670 rubles, and at the moment — 900 rubles. Bad quality of bread — the next day covered musty, because wet. A milk — entirely water. Generally weaned from meat and meat products for which prices are sky-high, and so wean from bread and milk. Hunting recommend that if you increase the price, then look for quality. In the state seems to have no funds. Who will interpret why no money? "
Man: "Russian salting Surikov announced outlook of nuclear weapons in Belarus, of course, not his. This Russian history all such. But here goes, if you look closely. November 26, 1996 we have installed Russian Constitution. And when the Belarusian authorities tried somewhere borrow money to pay for gas and oil, but did not. Illegitimate power, even odious regimes reluctant to give credit. Here Our homeland and offered some cake — we here it’s announced. And if you go back to the Belarusian authorities’ repeated appearances of a "mistake" Shushkevich the exportation of nuclear weapons from the territory of the country, and now they are beginning a new blackmail the world. Well, sure, a little tap with gas lifts the Belarus. . "
Ivan Karpovich, M.: "I have a question appeared to Freedom. And not only me, but all the citizens of Minsk, regional and other cities are paying money for housing and communal services everywhere in vain. If pickpocket reached into a pocket — is an article. When Government climbs into my pocket every month — no articles. How to realize it? Here I will give an example of such. At our house comes complete renovation. grandmother We live together and pay for 30 cubic meters of water 15-14 hot and cool. put the counter — pay 2 cubes and 2 cubes cool hot. This, listen for decades how much money we have taken away. And not only me, but all urban residents. Likewise for gas. We paid an average of as much as at the moment quite differently. turns out that we pay for housing by European standards, and wages and pensions account for the smallest — fifteen times the lowest. Why such a system? There are people’s control, there is control of the country, the Council of Ministers, and no one interested in where the money goes. "
Vasily Tyuhay Berezin: "Good day. Berezino started another project of the century — built the palace of justice. Apparently an old, one-story People’s Court of the missing bandwidth".
Madam, Mogilev: "That shows our homeland own cheese Lukashenko, for which she fed a cheap gas and oil, on which rested the Lukashenko magic 12 years. Surikov, in the end, the Kremlin announced the main goal: to return to the area of Belarus nuclear weapon. If Our homeland is planned in Belarus, has no means to be independent and free Belarus. praezdiv Lukashenko and eaten our independence and freedom. If Our homeland will produce their own plan, Belarus will be possible opponent for Europe. Belarusian people must not let this happen. "
Ivan, Minsk: "Hello, Radio Liberty. Lord lukashisty why you outraged increase in prices? More than 10 years ago it was said that the free cheese — in a mousetrap. And second — the Belarusian people will live in poverty and long-term. Respectfully, Ivan. "

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