Tatiana Tsishkevich: Law enforcement officers who beat women, we do not need

Tatiana Tsishkevich said that feels better. It is prepared from 1 September to continue their studies in the second year of the Institute of Physical Culture. Woman is trained on trainer equestrian sports.
Recall, August 16, after the rally of solidarity with political prisoners and about 10 pm Tatyana with your friends walked along the avenue favorites. After, they split up and began to disperse, the woman saw the car braked. There ran a man and seized Mikita Sasim.
Tatiana told what happened below:
"When I saw that Nikita drag in the car, ran to his aid. If Nikita had about eight meters, one of the guys came up to me and slapped in the face. He began to thrash me in the head, knocked on the neck and threw it on the pavement. Whereupon He started beating me down.
Everything happened very quickly. I did not even have time to scream. I was in shock. He walked away from me, and I was left lying on the ground. Later pryvznyalasya and walked and sat on the grass. "
People called "fast". In the 10th medical clinic doctors registered craniocerebral injury and numerous beatings. August 24 Tatiana doctor came and said that she goes.
Tatiana says Tsishkevich:
"When the doctors came to me and said that they are discharged from the clinic, I said to them that I hurt my eyes and head. But they spoke, that must be so, write down. I have a feeling that they had received such an order — possible faster write me. "
After discharge relatives girls arranged it into a rehabilitation center "Aksakovschina" to Tatiana could improve their health.
Woman joked that she was not lucky with the commandos. First time she was beaten during the dispersal of students against cancellation of privileges — because of this, Tatiana could not pass a test in gymnastics. She moved the deadline of August 27, and again she could not go on the Ladder.
"I want to file a complaint with the prosecutor’s office, because such law enforcement officers who beat women, we do not need" — says Tatiana.
Tatiana Tsishkevich trusts that begin on September 1, to learn, and on September 20 will pass eventually rank.

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