Testis of contention: the poet and painter against MTS

Civilian case to protect the rights of the poet’s Ales Ryazanov and artist Victor Markivtsi started in the judicial board for mental Facilities Supreme Court. Defendant held a joint Co.Ltd "Mobile TeleSystems".
MTS: progress in no doubt
6 artistic and conceptual yaytsekvadratov poet Ales Ryazanov and artist Victor Markivtsi appeared in Belarus fifteen years ago, 1992.
But according Markivtsi in Last year spring of their project "Yaytsekvadraty" began to be used in the image of the trademark mobile operator MTS.
Interests mobile operator MTS presents employee Dmitry Khodas. He says that now any of the parties remains in their own positions, from which retreat is not going:
"If we talk with legal viewpoint, but now there was another interview, and no progress in this direction is not.
While the subsequent conversation scheduled for Friday, but likely adjustments. In other words, the session itself is not yet assigned, is preparing for the process. In other words, it turns out not even matter in dispute and are not investigated confirmation. In short, from the end of last year completely no progress. "
Belarusian creators claim that a couple of times officially warned the company "Sistema Telecom" also control "Mobile TeleSystems", its member, the copyright on the sign and the responsibility of the MTS.
But despite the warning, MTS has officially registered its own brand in the area of Belarus on July 10 2007.
Ab ovo: whose egg came first?
Poet Ales Ryazanov recent years lives in Germany. But looking closely at developments around the controversial yaytsekvadratov:
"All the same, all the textures: the shape, color and title. Only thing that they have created a little" pinched "up egg. Well, apparently, they egg it seemed sweet or savory, or" sweet ", but the upper hand in the egg, which they use in its own sign, compared with our yaytsekvadratom smallness licked.’s all. "
Reporter: "But the concept that you think is safe?"
"They did not even take a single character, not one yaytsekvadrat, and most spectacular, beautiful. Particularly where snow-white and reddish mix. They they say that they have no conception. But they can not explain why the square umyastsilasya egg. Nothing can explain. They do by somebody, and they use it. "
The plaintiffs argue that require MTS to print a number of municipal and media-independent information on violations of the author’s rights as for yaytsekvadratov.
Or guided at all this and Ryazanov Markovets and real goals?
"At this stage we simply appeal to the court. And it’s not about us, but in the phenomenon. Since so it is a contradiction — that they demonstrate and yaytsekvadraty that have become, so speak out, a cultural phenomenon. And even if I published his book, on the cover where four yaytsekvadraty, the bookbinders, other people read: you that go with the sign of MTS?
Even someone wrote a review also explained: no, does not advocate Ales Ryazanov emteesavski symbol, they did it with Markavtsom invented yet for years and years to reverse. And because the phenomenon simply asks solutions "- says Ales Ryazanov.
MTS emphasize that trademark symbol of the company is registered and used on legitimate grounds, as evidenced by the documentation. And developers of corporate identity MTS with an egg in the box is the English brendyngavae agency "Wolff Olins".
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