The Constitutional Tribunal has stood up for the Belarusian language

The arbitrator said that the Constitutional Court did not once got a complaint that the courts do not accept applications written in Belarusian. "I myself beheld resolution:" Rewrite the application to normal language, "- said Grigory Vasilevich. He recalled that according to the Constitution of the country and the two municipal language because such a resolution — it’s disrespectful to the municipal language.
As another example of such a case the chairman of the Constitutional Court referred to the case of Sergei Semenov Gomel, which at the border crossing of customs declaration form asked for whiteRussian language. In response to it the administrative report of disobeying the requirements of the official.
Grigory Vasilevich urged the referee to use the Belarusian language at the request of stakeholders.
Incidentally, as said vice-chairman Supreme Court Valery Kalinkovich, verdict Sergei Semenov, will be considered by the Supreme Tribunal.
Sovereign Kalinkovich said that legal assessment will act customs officials, referees and most Semenov, who was fined 30 thousand rubles.
The reason for the test was the publication of a case with Semenov in "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus". Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Court said: "I wish to warn all the arbitrators: the decisions you need to think for themselves. NOT blindly trust any protocol and report, that you put on the table and assess the situation themselves. In Anyway accountable for their decisions you take over. "

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