The farmers in ecstasy act schoolboy pioneer Danchenko

"Under the heading" Feral behavior reviewers "" Glos Prawdy "in 1927, said:" Before yesterday’s premiere at the box office approached by one of the reviewers of local publications and wished the two free tickets. After, as explained to him that to one place for all performances of all editions of local newspapers, and so second place to give it a realistic, this sovereign reviewers began to threaten that "crush" the prime minister in his own review. Introducing for yourself how feral joy that he perpetrated. "
"Vitebsk proletarians" in 1937 reported: "The farmers Garanavu Yemelyan Tsurbanova Jacob and instructed to take the warehouse flax seeds. Pioneer Danchenko … Ilya decided to follow them. Confident that no one behind them looks, Garan and chump poured into the bag 69 RAG. flax seeds and saved it in the chaff … Danchenko immediately declared all seen the foreman Garnova C. Farmers in ecstasy act schoolboy pioneer Danchenko, who is armed protection of the collective farm for good. "
As a continuation of recent discussions on the draft Constitution of the USSR "Evening Minsk" in 1977 signed prints correspondence V.Sergienya "Russian Alliance — multiethnic government … In accordance with this make this proposal to supplement Article 75, where stating, that the Federal Republic has a Constitution befitting the USSR Constitution and considers features of the republic, followed by the words: "Education of young people in the public education system in the mother tongue."

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