The hearing will continue Tatiana Tsishkevich September 21

The trial of Tatyana Tsishkevich which has now begun in the Central district court of Minsk, must not only know the woman guilty of disobedience police, and to answer the question whether the use of citizen its right complain about the police?
On September 7, Tatiana Tsishkevich Central police station came to Minsk to wait for the release of detainees Gelahava Denis and his friends. Metel’skii police officer, she said, drove her out of the room. Woman protested and asked for the book suggestions and comments. Whereupon, as readand Tatiana in court, she was detained "for disobedience." Ultimately punishment damsel may be heavy fine.
Denis Gelakh confirmed in court that the police rudely treated with Tatiana Tsishkevich. By him, police also made a number of other disorders.
"Do not explained her rights and circumstances of the detention. Also police did not want to call her their names. They knew that she was going to complain about them. "
At the Central police station Nikolai Lyahimovich assured that heard Tatiana Tsishkevich argued with his people, but for what exactly she was detained, he was not clear. Activist believes that it confirms her innocence.
"Maybe I’m someone interfered with your question, but no one else screamed and scolded. I just asked."
By law, each police department has book suggestions and comments that employees should give the guest after his request. But once every policeman has the right to at any moment detain a citizen.
The duty of the Central district police confirmed to me that the book of comments and suggestions to the district is. Why it was that on her request to give Tatiana Tsishkevich detained? That’s what the attendant replied:
"I do not know, I can not explain. I do not know the situation."
According to human rights activist Tatyana Toustsik in soon appeal to activists detained by the police became more rigid, and their complaints are ignored.
"Earlier book comments and suggestions of the Central police station was located in a prominent place, we even allowed to write in it, but soon I do not see it. Maybe her hiding somewhere. "
Referee Tatiana Paulyuchuk continue to hear the case of Tatiana Tsishkevich September 21.
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