The middle shot in Katyn was a lot of Belarusians

The sole purpose of the unofficial visit of Polish President Lech Kaczynski in Smolensk region was to visit Katyn.
Lech Kaczynski laid flowers at the memorial cemetery in his speech, highlighted: "In the midst of those killed in Katyn were coupled with the Poles Jews, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Muslims and even the Germans — in other words all those who lived in the second Rzeczpospolita".
Doctor of Historical Sciences Alexey Litvin, military history researcher states:
"Naturally, there is a certain percentage and Belarusians. Got there and from Western Belarus and Western Ukraine so called "Poles". These are guys who are in Katyn, said our bodies NKVD they Poles. Typically, these were officers, bureaucrats. Therefore even if Belarusians and Catholics — are people who deliberately caused themselves as Poles. "
Researcher of the history of Stalinist repression, Ph.D. Igor Kuznetsov also convinced:
"The Polish army officers were in the midst of ethnic Belarusians or Belorussians, Poles are recorded, intellectuals, who lived the terrain of Western Belarus before entering into the BSSR in September 1939. "
Here are just a clear numbers — how many Belarusians were killed in Katyn — no scientist gives.
Doctor of Historical Sciences says Dr. Emanuel Joffe:
"There was, Naturally, the vast majority of Poles. Were Jews, were Belarusians. They fought wars too. But like many, I do not I can tell precisely, it is necessary to study the issue. "
After Katyn disaster in December 1941, issued a decree of the Municipal Committee of Defense of the USSR № 1064. In Section 4 reads: "Due to the increased strength of the Polish army to 96 thousand people, will allow the appeal to the Polish army Polish nationality of people who inhabited the area in 1939 in Western Ukraine and Western Belorussia. Citizens of other nationalities living in those territories, call the Polish Army can not be. "
And earlier in the Polish army fell to a greater extent by those who define themselves Poles.
Doctor of Historical Sciences Alexey Litvin says:
"Among them there were those who defined themselves not by the Poles and Belarusians. They were befitting our bodies work. One of them — Frantisek Kushel, Captain spouse poetess Natalia Arsenyev. He did not get there. He was given the opportunity to merge with his wife, and the other day the war he was in Minsk. "
All Polish soldiers who were shot in Katyn, Kharkov and Copper that under Tsveryu will be posthumously promoted to the rank of — it’s almost 15 thousand people. So decided to Ministry of Public Security of Poland.

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