The Ministry of Justice did not register Spring

The Ministry of Justice said that the charter of association does not comply with the law on public associations. Authorities did not like the title of "Spring" which had previously eliminated by the Supreme Tribunal Advocacy Center.
In the refusal of Justice says that "the charter of association contains vague goals and suggests the possibility of the association to act for services other than those designated in the statutory objectives."
By minyustu, the list of founders individual information is not reality, also have other violations of applicable law.
Justice also draws attention to the fact that 20 of the 69-minute founders of the association brought to administrative responsibility for different offenses and the individual from their — 5 times.
In this regard, the Ministry of Justice states, public human rights association "Viasna" denied state registration.
Vice-President of the International Federation for Human Rights, a human rights activist Ales Bialiatski said:
"The Belarusian authorities are not ready to open dialogue with the civilian society and Belarusian human rights activists. There are taboos organization for certain activities in including on human rights. For recent years 7-8 any human rights organization has not been recorded. For at least the reasons why registration was refused. This policy is narrow-minded officials — nekompitentnaya and lead to negative consequences for the wider development our country . "
Ales Bialiatski said and without registration rights activists continue their activities. The situation resembles the Russian Times:
"I it is very resembles the situation in 1970-80s in the Russian alliance, when all human rights groups, unions acted in such unregistered. The authorities in Russian Union also pretended that everything is fine with the human rights problems and no longer exists. "
The founders of the Public Human Rights Association "Spring" appeal against the Ministry of Justice in Supreme Court, and later filed a complaint with the Committee on Human Rights UN. Incidentally, this Committee has recently acknowledged that the Human Rights Center "Viasna" was illegally eliminated by the Belarusian authorities in 2003.
Register "Spring"?, 23.08.2007

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