The next picture — and will be banned!

Record violations of the Electoral Code of the video I was forbidden under threat removal: "The next picture — and will be banned!"
Get up from the table and follow the electoral process even within the boundaries of the Belarusian law I too was forbidden under threat removal.
Because the monitor? How to fix the violation if they have place? Where the transparency of the process? What is publicity?
"Observers" from "Snow-white Russia", the CIS and veterans visited a couple of minutes, because they present observation useless even any securities no one beheld, not counting SNDovtsa who recorded preliminary number and disappeared. A veteranka that one and was with me in the sealing of ballot boxes and half an hour gone, generally took the side panel and to every legitimate question to the chairman reacted very poorly, even had to ask a policeman put a halter on her. I have written here on two A4 page portrayed, but certainly enough to comment on 3 pictures.

Printing on the box for galasavannyali  

Election tropical undergrowth, or clad in prazdnichek. That image was painted with such places, which took first observers. Requested the President to remove  

Immediately it became clear true!


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