The police decided not to interfere with the play Free Theatre

Workers Volozhin militia headed by the chief police department rewrote all present passport data and gone. At the moment, the police is on the outskirts of the village and does not interfere with play. These Minutka occurs Prime» EPA plays "11 shirts" Edward Bond directed by Frenchman Christian Benedetti.
There is also a French film director himself, who before the show recalled the events of yesterday. Christian Benedetti noted that the manner of resistance "Free Theatre" it is very impressive, he sees how the mind resists stupidity.
Performance has not yet begun when the police came and said that the building is mined. Now they are rewriting the names of those who are there — are actors, their friends, some zabugornye guests. Everything happens in a private house in the near Minsk photographed homes.
Director says "Free Theatre" Natalya Kolyada:
"Just at the moment we spoke with the police, they overwrite the names of all those present in the including and representatives of the Czech embassy, they are very surprised that they inspect documents. The representative of the Czech embassy said police what happened in them in 1970 — 1980-ies. the time of the communist dictatorship, when the police prevented a personal event, such as marriage, etc.
They say to us, that there all mined. Now breakdown on the basis of there some will find a mine or bomb … "
Minsk police: "Why apologize? Everything within the law", 23.08.2007
"Performance" was completed in the second half of the night, 23.08.2007

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