The purchasing power of wages reduced in 2008 by 15-18%

Tsigankov: "Management always says Belarus on its own social orientation of economic policy and seeks to find such options to come up with any steps, but not to increase prices. Neuzh at the moment there is no other economic leverage? Why do I have to raise prices for the most socially important products ? "
Zaleski: "After spirited effect can be obtained not by selling Mercedes-class (which a few pieces sold per year), and on bread, pasta, milk, gasoline. Population they should take, will not get to, and we will take tomorrow or the day after. "
Tsigankov "If-independent economists talk about the appreciation of the price effects on Russian gas, it says that this will certainly have a negative effect on the economy, but not immediately. And there were different interpretations, for one voice — few months, others a year. Does this mean that the time for this negative effect has already come? "Zaleski" All economists still pretty fit and unanimously pledged standard — "Textbook" — the lag between this gas conflict winter and retail prices. And so passed the 9 months, as long as necessary, so that the shock was riddled entire economy from top to bottom. And here it is at the moment came to bottom. Next is or remains in this state, or the shock will abut the social problem and will slow down the government. "
Tsigankov: "You dare to forecast what will be more dynamic, and what will inflation This year and subsequent year?"
Zaleski: "Inflation State Bank holds pretty well. I say about next year because spetsyyalizuyusya on medium-term forecasts. For 2008, if all will continuesmiling so (Russian salting already told us frame gas prices 2008 minutes — from 125 to 160 dollars), the purchasing power of wages decline in 2008 by 15-18 percent. In This year reduction in real purchasing opportunities will be 3-4 percent. This is inflation actually saying. "
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