The resignation of Fradkov in Russia and in Belarus Konopleva — Scenarios twin

Lady: "Twice on your radio sounded Aleksievich Svetlana on online. Maybe the smart thing. But now revered in the last interview of the Belarusian newspaper, that’s where, perhaps, the real her face, unfortunately. As said smallish without reverence about Bykov, Adamovich … And their teachers once called his. Well, about Shushkevich: that neither he nor the country, nor our people are not worth the Nobel Prize. Perhaps one Svetlana worth. It’s a pity it all clear. Apparently, the funds that were so, lost: it says one thing, and here is completely different. It’s a pity, a great pity.
"Really wish that the Nobel Prize received Shushkevich. Especially at the moment, in defiance of Lukashenka and Aleksievich Svetlana, who in" the Belarusian newspaper "opposed this and are opposed to our country received this award. Just decent. "
Janka Kalyada "Molodechno businessman Nicholas Apyatsenak financial support are independent media. This power is not to your liking. And the whole monitoring system — Sanitation center, firefighters, electricians, Tax, decontrol — piled en masse to inspect. And if you do not have found, no violations, the inspector accused in danger, although not inherently threatening and mind. Fabricated a case and Apetenka threatens to 5 years imprisonment. Edition of "Freedom" and all-independent media, voice raised in defense of the so-called Apetenka law enforcement. "
Man: "Once teledemakrat werewolf in the program" Human Rights "approved security cameras in public places in the capital, adding that it is the ordinary matter in the towns of Germany. And why he did not say that there cameras watching the parade through the streets of the Nazis, and even those are under heavy police guard. He does not remember when we reversed two years officially registered parties and associations for general meetings went to the bosom of nature, because the regions are not given space. And the main invitation-dazvalyalnik highest mercy has permitted to give room for a meeting in the capital of the democratic forces, because those are going to go sit in the adjacent "Federal Government." So that you understand how we are here to stay — without the permission of more than 3 to not gather! Nedavneshny case in Brest with Sevyarynets and his book — proof. Yes, as read that pravavednik, peace and kindness in your home. Save and attach to you our immune system from Balamut obsessed propaganda and ideological itch. "
Man: "I wish to express my outlook about the verdict to those troops, who wished convey any information Poland. If Poland was just Poland, friendly and brotherly, but we must not forget that Poland — is NATO. These people — the traitors who have brought through Poland hidden information there. Punished because of their fairly. And even mildly punished them. Was necessary punish more … "
Man: "Good morning," Freedom "of the Belarusian people. Radio mean. I do not say that often listen to your transmission as often tune in to your waves are not very simply in Minsk. Since, for sure, I have such a receiver, but I feel that there is some glushenne. But I wish to express their opinions on some of your gear.’s first "House of Writers," Scoble is Michas. leads Excellent, clean, clear, direct and clear. Now it is Sunday, I listening to "House of Writers" and there was talk about the latest book Moryakov. Acted recognizable in our literary critic. And I did not like how she commented on this latest book. And did not like what she Tipo praised this latest book, but noted that Stories — it skeletons. She has some templates on which to try on, or this story or not? But from time to time such fundamental skeleton than a story … "
Valery Borisov: "My idea. Fradkov’s resignation in Russia and in Belarus Konopleva — as scenario-twins. Exclusively in Belarus with the upcoming sight. As in Cuba, Fidel gave power to his brother, the Minsk authorities will give the offspring."
Lydia D., Minsk: "listen to the speech of Stanislav Shushkevich Stanislavovitch. Again make sure it is intelligent, educated, intelligent man who is worthy of the Nobel Prize. It is a pity that such people are not in power, and heating. I am surprised and indignant speech Victor about it. Do we dominated people like Shushkevich Milinkevich and like them? "
Vladimir, Polotsk: "I wish to say about the registration that our government since the New Year wishes to change residence. What did it come out? When I come to Minsk for a week to visit a son, a brother or a matchmaker, I suspend a police officer, it turns out that I have a profile of Polotsk. To me inevitably have questions like: "What did you come here? What are you doing here? And in general, how much you’re here? "Try it establishes that there’re just a day or two only, not two months. Cause more convinced that our government makes all, not to simplify and make life difficult. When in Russia introduced registration for foreign people, our power in the face of Lukashenko surpassed them, so he wants impose registration for its own people. "
Man: "Dear listeners of radio station" Freedom! "In accordance with the hidden protocols signed in Moscow on August 23, 1939 between Stalin and Hitler, known as the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, now September 17, 2007 marks the 68th anniversary of the entry of the USSR to be ashamed of 2 Second World War on the side of Nazi Germany for the redivision of Europe and the world. During this shameful adventure two dictators Hitler and Stalin Belarus paid about $ 3 million human lives. And the world’s population has paid a terrible price — up to 50 million human lives. recall and remember victims 2 Second World War, its real initiators — Hitler and Stalin. "

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