These elections can hardly be recognized by the West

"But it can be approved by a number of mitigating things that pointed to a positive achieved in these elections. And it may be possible to some steps to improve relations with Belarus. I think that is unlikely Europeans go to the full recognition of the elections, since it would be a complete betrayal of the Belarusian democratic society rastoptvannem hopes on some Belarusians their future. ‘Cause it’s basically impossible. But there is a position trade, where can be any marked progress smoother formulation used.
Us very principle the opposition, democratic forces were the subject of negotiations with the EU and the U.S., that they participated in the dialogue between Belarus and the West. Then many questions can be resolve to improve Belarus relations with the European Union and the United States. If you remove the opposition of this field, we can give Lukashenko indulgence. "

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