Time to reflect on our management that may need to listen to the voice of young

Larissa, Minsk "Every day includes "freedom" and only hear, judge children. 5, 6 people. Neuzh something no other job in the police, riot police and arbitrators? Here bolbochem: Kids — happiness, kids — satisfaction, kids — the light in the windows. And more. Whatever they were, — huge, smart, strong — they always need our protection and assistance. But in this case, I mean these arrests, they find no protection. Our time management loaf over what may need to listen to the voice of young and change something in their actions. I personally do not see anything seditious in their statements. "
Raisa, Mogilev "Pochetaemy Paval Sevyarynets pochetaemye the Young, 100 years ago Yanka Kupala wrote the following words:
"And I love, love, this his will. Earth lie in the ground, I’ll take his will. Why be an eagle, fly so high? If only the will to live, if only the shackles NOT know!"
It is written just for you and me, by the way. "
Lady: "I wish to say that we have accrued pension unfair. Employs followed this: who did not do any factory or on the farm produced 350 thousand pension. And I know that it is unfair because they have created. And who did at 40 years of experience, not only me, many people so offended, gave small pension. And at the moment is allowed rumors that have increased by 7%. Having a 350, then give two kilograms of sausage, and who have less pension is not much increase. Maybe 12 thousand which … Oh so cool us. "
Vladimir Zvernik, pensioner: "Warsaw, Ales Milinkevich:" Belarusian authorities lost youth. "I do not agree with that conclusion, because it is necessary, as statedcamping, look truth in the eye. I’m my own eyes more than once beheld in Minsk large crowds Young people, walked under similar marches in T-shirts with symbols of Youth Union, and above them a huge amount of vital red and green flags.
This always happens during so called municipal prazdnichkom. On Actually, why not take advantage of state support in the form of camps, some clothes, color symbolism, music festivals and discos are also various other benefits. Especially since, that’s all you need to multiply by a strong brainwashing tyschami political instructors in schools, colleges and institutions of coercion and mass intimidation Dissent start "Lukomol."
On the other hand, we have many other young people who courageously and firmly hold in their hands white-red-white flags. They really a lot, but much less "beresemovtsy," which also has a young and who did not lose power. It is the young people, for what is necessary to fight, so it is not quite Belarus lost. Beat in including and sovereign Milinkievich. "

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