To begin deliveries of the F-35 LRIP 3 SERIES

To begin deliveries of the F-35 LRIP 3 SERIES
The company Lockheed Martin, in the end, the beginning of delivery of F-35 series LRIP (low-rate-initial-production) 3 after approximately 6-month delay.
The Pentagon took delivery of 3-F-35A aircraft takeoff and landing everyday and 1st F-35B non-long takeoff and vertical landing.
Four new aircraft equipped with new software Block 2A and join the 12 F-35 aircraft at Eglin Air Force Base (Fla.). Software Block 2A will be presented a new multilevel security package.
Delivery of the aircraft is scheduled for LRIP 3 until the end of 2012. All 17 cars — two F-35B for England, one F-35A for the Netherlands, 7 F-35A for the U.S. Air Force and 7 F-35B for the USMC — gone with the flow of the assembly assembly in Fort Worth.

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