Trials of Malady Nyasvizh and Saligorsk: Report

SOLIGORSK 19.15. At least nine young activists remained in office pending trial
According to the latest least nine youth activists remained in Soligorski office, where they are now taken in the morning for "an unauthorized picket" in front of the courthouse where the trial took place Malady Ivan Shyla on charges of participating in an unregistered organization. Now in the midst of detainees Saligorsk — Lyudmila Atakulava, Tatyana Bulanov, Franak Vyachorka, Kasia Galician, Victor Denisevich, Ales Kalita, Dennis Carney and Dmitry Dmitry Fedoruk Yasevich.
Immediately after the trial, more than 20 people from among those who were on the court, including Ivan Shyla, headed towards Salihorsk police department. They transferred detainee transfer.
SOLIGORSK 18.00. Ivan Shyla verdict — a warning
This form of the sentence applies to juveniles. This means that Ivan Shyla now have a criminal record. The arbitrator also said that Ivan Shyla seized computer hard drive will be destroyed icons and other campaign products, which has also been seized from him.
Also remains in effect under house arrest — until such time as the court decision comes into legitimate force. This means that within 5 days of Ivan has yet to receive written reasons for judgment. Within 10 days whereupon he has the right to appeal.
SOLIGORSK 16.25. Attorney Ivan Shyla condemn without punishment
The prosecutor claimed for minor Ivan Shyla "conviction without punishment."
SOLIGORSK 16.05. SWAT zachystsiv Soligorsky court adjacent to the area
With a dozen young activists got white-red-white flags and chanted slogans in support of Ivan Shyla, riot police began stripping action. Eight activists were arrested, three of them — in including one woman — cruelly beaten.
One woman said by telephone that the bus detainees psychological pressure, sounded the danger of rape.
The Tribunal continues to This time All charges are based on the performances of Ivan Shyla media info and on materials, found during the search. Ivan Shyla threatens 6 months of arrest.
Shults 15:23 Anastasia Azarko fined 1,240 thousand rubles
Nesvizhski Tribunal ruled activist "Young Front" Anastasia Azarko guilty of activity on behalf of unregistered organization. Tribunal fined her 40 basic units — is 1,240,000 rubles.

A minute later start hearing

In a break Anastasia Azarko met Paul Seviarynets and activists

Together with mum Zoe Azarko who refused to testify against her daughter

In court Anastasia parted with flowers donated by associates

Everywhere around the court were policemen. In the courtyard of the police station was still ready Nesvizha bus with commandos

Shults 13:48 prosecutor claimed N.Azarku fined 15 million rubles
The verdict in the case of Anastasia Azarko be handed down in 15 hours. In Nesvizhsky court to end the dispute. The prosecutor said he believes prove the guilt of Anastasia in activities on behalf of an unregistered organization. He claimed it to be fined 500 baselines — this 15.5 million rubles, or about 7242 bucks.
Lawyer activist Alexander Galiyev not consider guilt Anastasia proven and claimed her justified.
SOLIGORSK 13:31 Soligorsk: F.Vyachorka detained, and A.Kalita Z.Yasevich
The names of the detainees in court in Soligorsk. On youth activists Franak Vyachorka, Ales Kalita and Dmitry Yasevich up reports for holding an unsanctioned rally. Other detainees were released. One woman was taken to the clinic, there are suspicions that she fractured finger.
As said in an interview with Ivan Shyla, "Freedom", the main confirmation charges based on his interviews with the media on the activities of disk imaging "Young Front", including for Radio Liberty.
Ivan Shyla incriminating activity on behalf of unregistered organization.
At trial, are representative of the movement "For Freedom" Igor Lyalkov, favorite BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka, representatives of the U.S. Embassy in Belarus and human rights organization "Amnesty International".
SOLIGORSK 12:55 Detainees F.Vyachorka, A.Kalita and Z.Yasevich
Now Saligrorsku in the trial of the member of the "Young Front" Ivan Shyla commandos detained about 15 activists. In police departments have made their protocols. Detainees told on the phone that they were beaten by police bus. In court, after questioning witnesses adjourned. Ivan Shyla refused to testify.
12:46 Paul Shults Seviarynets Anastasia came to support Azarko
Paul Seviarynets for the release after arrest Shults came to the tribunal over aktyvstkay "Young Front" Anastasia Azarko. Policies welcomed lady and her companions. "Shults was once the spiritual capital of Belarus, and he is soon to become her," says the politician.
The court adjourned. To support Nastya process came a few 10’s activists. They do not exclude that the sentence will be imposed now. Process leads referee Maria Dunaeva.
Anastasia blame activities on behalf of an unregistered organization.
Shults 12:01 Goes tribunal over activist "Young Front" Anastasia Azarko
Anastasia Azarko gave evidence in court. She acknowledged that she took part in picketing in support of Dmitry Dashkevich, also in solidarity hunger strike in July.
Dr. Beetle confirmed that Anastasia Azarko got to the clinic after, lost consciousness as a result of the hunger strike. Mama Zoya Azarko girls refused to be witnessed in her daughter remained in the courtroom.
Questioning witnesses ended, the referee read positive characteristic on Anastasia of Nesvizhsky LNOZAVOD.
Midst of documents that are considered in court — Protocol interview Nasty for Radio Liberty.
In the courtyard stands trial bus with commandos.
SOLIGORSK 10:44 Tribunal Saligorsk: detained about 15 people
Commandos detained about 15 youth activists who came to court to support activist Soligorsky "Malady Front" Ivan Shyla. In the structure of about 40 people chanting "Freedom to the youth."
About 10 hours began Tribunal over Ivan Shyla, who blamed the activity on behalf of unregistered organization. The young man claimed translator, his request was granted.
Meanwhile Ivan Shyla associates have protested against the building of the court prosecution "Malady Front", which they consider illegal. Detained activists were taken to the police department. A group of people tried to prevent the movement of buses of detainees.
Detained activists said on the phone that they had been beaten in the bus.
Soligorsk Nyasvizh 10:09 Soligorsk and Shults: Tribunal over Ivan Shyla and Anastasia Azarko
Now Soligorsk and Nyasvizh begin trials of activists of "Malady Front" Ivan Shyla and Anastasia Azarko. They blame the activity on behalf of unregistered organization.
As said youth activist Franak Vyachorka, the other day the court in the morning about Soligorsky District Court detained four activists — himself, Ilya Shyla Yasevich Dmitry and Sergei Klyuyev. Elsewhere were also detained Ivan Shyla, a tribunal over which begins now in the 10th hour, as Tatyana Bulanov.
After some time Franak Vyachorka and Dmitry Yasevich released another two hours — Juvenile Ilya and Ivan Shilov. Sergey Bulanov Klyuyeva and Tatiana were kept until 3 o’clock in the morning.
Now 10 hours Nyasvizh tribunal begins on activist "Young Front" Anastasia Azarko for his role in an unregistered organization. She faces up to 2 years jail. As the correspondent of "Freedom" from Nesvizha, the tribunal came to Nastya youth activists and human rights defenders. Anastasia herself Azarko said "Freedom", it will continue to struggle, despite at least some decision.
Soligorsk the tribunal over Ivan Shyla came more than fifty people. Among them defenders of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, "Spring", the United civilian party.
Seven of the Young has already been tried under article 193 of the Criminal Code ("activities on behalf of an unregistered organization"). Azarko Shiloh will be the eighth and ninth. The next step — Jaroslav Hryshchenya from Baranovichi, he will be tried on September 10.
Detention in court in Soligorsk. Photo.
Photo: Severin Kwiatkowski and Lena Makarevich
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