U.S. Air Force fighters will be equipped with a 6th generation laser weapons

U.S. Air Force fighters will be equipped with a 6th generation laser weapons
USAF want to equip multipurpose fighter 6th generation energy weapon — namely, a laser gun, created to engage air and ground targets enemy
In this regard, the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory announced accepting applications from private companies to build combat lasers 3 different types. This information is available on the official website of government orders, according to ITAR-TASS.

Air Force representatives said that they were interested in the development of technologies for the creation of low-power laser jamming enemy radar, medium-power lasers, created for the destruction of anti-aircraft missiles, and high-power lasers, whose task will be strikes against air or ground targets. South American military spetsy willing to start laboratory testing of this technique in October 2014 In 2022, supposedly proving ground tests held lasers.

The U.S. Defense Department is exploring the possibility of using lasers as combat weapons systems in a long time. In the current time lasts programm creation laser gun for warships. It is expected that in 2014 the first time she will be installed and demonstrated on board a huge amphibious ship LPD-15 «Ponce» mother ship converted into special purpose forces of the U.S. Navy.

As the official dealer of the U.S. Navy Vice Admiral Matthew Klunder, the price of the most experienced such standard weapon capable of destroying, namely, unmanned aerial vehicles, will be more than $ 30 million At the same time the price of the 1st laser shot is estimated at $ 1 «compare it with hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs that launch and you will see advantages of this project, «- said Klunder.

At the time of the creation of the laser gun and worked intensively Missile Defense Agency of the Pentagon. It is exploring the possibility of installing a high-energy chemical laser pumped by the nose of the aircraft modified «747» for the destruction of ballistic missiles in the initial stage of the flight. The program, which spent several million dollars, has developed a couple of years. Later it was abandoned, considering the results of the acquired ineffective.

Fighters 6th generation being developed at the moment of «Boeing» and «Lockheed Martin». It is expected that in 2030-ies. they will change planes F-22 «Raptor» fighter and the deck of the U.S. Navy F/A-18E/F «Super Hornet.»

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