U.Skrabatun: Make a paper that will satisfy everyone, it is unrealistic

Znatkevich: "The Emperor Vladimir, you need to know about the deepest and most of the people do not know?"
Skrabatun: "Surely, that Deepest — Vilnius is a small … We have two beautiful building Akhavan Vilnius Baroque monuments. These different sites you can still return to old photographs, pictures, drawings, and people will see what our beautiful city, the ancient where tourists can ride, you can shoot movies … "
"Glubokskaya merchants have not felt the benefits that you can get from tourism"
Znatkevich: "And how many tourists at the moment arrives in Deepest?"
Skrabatun: "You know, very many, especially on Saturday and Sunday, September 17 on the square are two temples … There’s usually worth 8-10 coaches — from Minsk, Vitebsk, Polotsk, Novopolotsk sanatorium" Narač ".. . But usually they move Mosar, so look at that magic that made the priest Juozas Bulka — ordinary village church, but against this background that created almost second Versal … All people traveling from Belarus and other edges have a look at this magic … "
Znatkevich: "I thought you talk about the other miracle — that all the villagers in Mosar signed an agreement not to drink …"
Skrabatun "I mean the park, and a source Calvary Mosorskoe … As for the fight against drunkenness n» — where the fight is 100 years old. I read in the paper 100 years ago," Belarus " which was published early twentieth century, there were Mosar their correspondents, who wrote that the priest is fighting with Pan — opposite the church stands an inn, this inn belongs to the sovereign, and he does not want to demolish it. And what’s often there are fights, n & # 39; ‘Yankees, and all this against the background of the church … 100 years ago, the struggle began, and brought it to victory priest Bulka — claimed this shop opposite the church. "
Znatkevich: "Is it enough for these tourists Profound infrastructure — hotels, places where you can have a» etc.?"
Skrabatun: "You know, just do not, and I’m trying to convince the authorities, it must all create. Usually tourists after visiting the deepest and MOSAR move in Postavsky district, there agriturismo complex "Nightingale Grove," there ostriches, many different animals in cages — there are great cafes, public kitchen, all move there .. And Profound — no hotels, no infrastructure … Glubokskaya merchants some reason do not see or feel the benefits which can be get from tourism … "
"If it were easy, then every town in Belarus could be the newspaper"
Znatkevich: "What is the most difficult time in the life of the publisher of the independent newspaper?"
Skrabatun: "I often ride a seminar — invite teach implementation newspapers supermarketse … Well what to teach me this, give me these hypermarkets without seminars I will sell … but does not have a subscription to our newspaper, it seems to be prohibited, prohibited the sale of newspapers in the kiosks, and the fact that we can implement on the market — only then sell. If it was easy, then every town in Belarus could be newspapers. Vitebsk area seems now "Free Deep" — only remained a newspaper because "Vitebsk chickens» er" is not disclosed.
Make a newspaper that would satisfy everyone, unreal. Everyone wants to build its tostsi. We have a lot of stories in the newspaper, local history, and why there are people who they say — need more … There are notable materials on the famous local people — they say, write more … I believe that our newspaper is self-sufficient for the 20000th town. Its people acquire this for what it is. We have 9 text strips with 16, and the rest is occupied by ads, advertising, television programm, crosswords … "
Znatkevich: "In our survey, often sounded that people in the newspapers is not enough truth — and you have a lot of truth in the newspaper?"
Skrabatun: "We we write only the truth. Clearly, all the materials are written by the evidence, unverified facts, we do not place in the newspapers."
"I do not think that all depends on the Minsk authorities, everything can be done on the spot"
Znatkevich: "One can often hear that all Belarusian difficulties — due to the central government. Say, if the change of power in Minsk, and then the people on the ground are ready for change, operate differently — whether you agree with this as an example of local authorities Glubokskaya ? "
Skrabatun: "There are two near the town 60 km away — Deepest and deliver. Postures presently thrive there funds are invested. Prettier city from year to year. Many enthusiasts — there doing somethingcamping, going to restore NGR Narach restored ancient part of the town …
Such as city — Deepest, may still even more promising, there are more beautiful monuments … But for some reason we are interested in this, if only to build more stores. I asked the 1st old-timer, how life was at the Poles: "Yes, and because at the moment — some shops." We rushed to the shops, but the tourists are moving, looking deepest, often invited me to show some of the fascinating objects» — for example, an old pedvuchelnyu, where he was svtorany Alliance Belarusian patriots … This structure is not, but people need to show at those foundations …
All depends on the personality of the manager of the enterprise or the economy — if he will want to return a monument, it can be returned. I do not think that all depends on the Minsk authorities, everything can be done on the spot. "

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