Up to freedom: Give the award Salihorsk police!

Ms. Belkevych Soligorsk "Pochetaemaya" Freedom, "suggest the award instead Shushkevich highlight Salihorsk police chief Zakharchuk. At his command now his subordinates beat youth in building ships torn from the hands of national symbols, women dragged by the hair, men — head over feet on the asphalt. Here is a real reward to residents Saligorsk and throughout Belarus. Thank you. "
Man: "The question fined opposition. Where you take millions of fines? You rich relatives, acquaintances or excellent generous strangers? Fined as the same individual. After all, it is suspected that many of you are in cahoots with the government. And such makarom milks gullible "prastachkov" to replenish the state treasury byadneyuchay. "
Anastas Semenovich: "Ladies and gentlemen, Radio Liberty, good day! Lukashisty comrades, how long will you dishonor native of Belarus whole world! MPs adopted an unconstitutional law that is contrary to any common brain, not counting the mind those people, which are novelty. I suggest to you, MPs, people you did not choose. Urgently repeal the law and resign. Naturally, you will end feeder, but think about your own kids and grandchildren. Force Lukashenko youth adore — it’s just waste of time. "Young Front"- It’s true heroes of Belarus, who will recommend Belarus. If we send you lukashistov, retired, and many of you will be judged for unconstitutional acts. Nearing the finish line. Long live Belarus!"

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