Up to freedom: We are slaves in our own country

Pavel: "Radio Liberty, the calendar" Native Land "in 1996 September 19, Tuesday, a day designated as a world. And today was Tribunal over Alexander Kozulin. For the sake of peace in our society in the future appeal to the president and his rightly and law enforcement agencies to release from detention of Alexander Kozulin, so called because his case was fabricated, hung up to some bully. Alexander Kozulin as the 1st of the best effective workers, intelligent, law-abiding citizen and erudyravanaga perfectly known in Belarus and far beyond. He should be healthy and free to work for the good of the country, as his health was bad there now. Detain ailing human guilt — shame the government and big sin guilty. "
Larissa, Minsk: "I can not be flegmantichnoy after, as heard on the radio from the most Ira Kazulina that she is ill. This is all the result of nerve disturbance associated with arrests and convictions Alexander Kozulin. There were many requests and from the European Union, and by the ambassadors accredited in Belarus and Belarusian people personally. But the president is silent. Government silent. Let him take the example of Yeltsin and Gorbachev when they forgave gekachepistam. And gekachepisty remained at large. Their plight was, they wanted to make a revolution. There is nothing such was not. Kozulin its already served. "
Man: "In the village Lyaskovichi Petrykov district has a sawmill owned by the administrative department of nationwide favorite. Planks and parquet floors are exported for hard currency, and their marriage is just smoke outdoors, not allowing people to buy for themselves by reduced cost. Apparently, the decrees on energy savings do not concern them, because, as they say those who work here, it’s "government in the state." But the important thing is that tree species here is busy with Pripyat former reserve that is currently in the status of the National Park. They say there is already sawing young. And absolutely no one cares that Pripyat was the cradle land of the eastern Slavs, hence the roots went Belarusians, Ukrainians and Russian. But, the power system sneeze wanted to historical natural heritage. Her most important euro bucks for their own existence. "
Vasily Tyuhay Berezin: "Good day. Russian In such times strolling anecdote:" TASS report: Secretary General of the Union of Russian Chernenko, without regaining consciousness, started the implementation of service obligations. "I believe that people have the right to know about the president’s health , because on another can be a situation in North Korea, where no one knows whether he live Kim Chang-il, has long been tossed sandals. On TV somehow demonstrated journalistic investigation, in which alleged that Russian scientists have invented a miracle cure for rejuvenation. But it is very expensive, as is the butt of human cells and allow it for yourself can only presidents and heads of special services. impossible to exclude that Lukashenko and hoisted it because yavna pattern: as deteriorating relations between Moscow and Minsk have Lukashenko exacerbated health, it is a few months in a row does not appear on the display. Lukashenko may be dependent. A dependent person for another dose of whatever is ready to give even half the kingdom. "
Man: "There are notaries. This again did our rage Lukashenko that their fictions. They must be. But you have beheld what it did for the office! In 1-x. People sick, the disabled, 80 years old, called: "I need to draw this and that. Say, please, what documents should I bring to you, so get it?" The assistant says: "You come, grandfather. We will talk with you, advise here that you need, and then just start looking at your business. " So all angrily. So bureaucratically all made! Not that assist people, not for people, not for the people, and in order to warm the generous farmer’s pride Lukashenko. That’s all it Weathertop. Someone out there says that the police insulted … Yes neither the police insulted! It is clear his head of police units installation. Not to be found in what police povinet. He does what Lukashenko through their heads it says. Because injustice everywhere. And there is no justice without law. God forbid turn up at a state institution for any issue though, ill with tuberculosis, but not proshibesh. "
Vladimir Zvernik: "I wish to ask a question Baranovichsky Court judge who condemned the young activist Ales Melyantsa to be served day for what he exclaimed:" Long live Belarus! "So, Mrs. referee to wish that our lived and Belarus? Lived and prospered? Do not understand even more so if this event has taken place recently the 16th anniversary of the Supreme Council of the configuration of the 12th convocation here our country with "BSSR" to "Republic of Belarus" with a simultaneous change of state symbols. Then over the state worthy of waving white-red-white flag and all municipal institutions was secured arms "race." Speaking of symbolism. Why not sovereign Lukashenko believes red-green flag, if it is so pleasant, the municipal flag for some time, but once the historic white-red-white flag was considered "public." Having made such a step, he was supported his last expression to rave about their own independence of Belarus. Anyway because thirst conscientious Belarusians to state symbols not break, pause, do not hold back. "
Misha, retired, Minsk: "I wish to comment on the comfortable life of Belarusians. Hard, we live in poverty. Century drip into smetstsi. Belarusian our people die, We are slaves in own country. And not hear moaning cries Good "dad" Lukashenko. "

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