Upcoming Events September 5

Now in the Metropolitan District Court of Brest is expected to continue consideration of cases Sevyarinets Paul supporters. They were arrested on August 19 in the course of the presentation book "Letters from the forest." Solutions expect another 12 people.
"People are completely powerless — for anything seized for anything planted for nothing condemned. This case these snow-white thread yesterday, and it looks like from the top order, but the order for 1 person — Paul Sevyarinets "- says human rights activist Vladimir Vyalichkin.
Now in October district court of Minsk continue the proceedings student Yuri Aleynik, which recently expelled from the summer session of the Academy of Management under the President for political reasons. Sovereign Oleinik recovery reaches the Academy.
Oleinik, "All must Transparent: I reproduce at the point from which the excluded — this week before the session. Give me a certain period of time to pass that session. If I decide to continue studying there next — and likely so be it — and then I’ll finish fifth course. "
At the State Academic Theatre of Yanka Kupala revealed new season. It usually starts the play "Pavlinka." In This year expected number of new productions.
"By staging theater prepares Goldoni comedy" Minion 2-masters, "drama" Kids Vanyushina "Naydenov, medieval detective with the initial title" It was 500 years ago "Based on the documentary story of Konstantin Tarasov" Dark Road "comedy" Pinsk Gentry "Dunin-Marcinkiewicz," — says a leading editor of the literary-dramatic theater of the Lavinia SHARIPKIN.

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