Upcoming Events September 6

Now in Minsk held a solemn celebration on the occasion of a decade of war. One of today’s favorite organization Dmitri Fedoruk:
"The essence of the celebration will be a meeting malafrontavtsav different generations — those that were at the origin of movement and those who are currently involved in the organization. Expected to come politicians and famous personalities."
Now Brest should last Trials Paul associates Sevyarinets detained in August during a presentation book "Letters from the forest." Judgment expect another 8 people. Human rights activist Vladimir Vyalichkin:
"Protocols are written, the mechanism is started, and the people within 2 months from the date of the offense must be brought to administrative responsibility or end this judicial creation."
Youth BPF now meets favorite group "Neuro Dubel" Alexander Kulinkovich with his supporters in the square near the theater Yanka Kupala. Youth activists Franak Vyachorka:
"Will it happen at the declared site, in other words Panikovke on whether this will happen elsewhere — is not yet clear. But we will try to hold this meeting in their ability to no arrests."

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