V. Bulgakov authorities perceive the Belarusian language as a cultural fact optional

Tsigankov: "What’s happening? Same municipal machine that almost completely wiped out with the Belarusian language television, 10s times reduced the amount of Belarusian schools, driven underground Belarusian-language edition, currently has suddenly started to worry about the implementation of constitutional norms?"
Bulgakov: "It is clear that this company is not under any circumstances be focused on supporting the Belarusian language. It fits in quite mainstream Lukashenka directives aimed at maintaining so called "Ravnapravnastsi" Belarusian and Russian languages. This strategy is neither modern nor expected. Authorities allow to exist certain enclave belarushchyny or whiteRussian language in public space, but see it as an optional cultural fact. "
Tsigankov: "Beyond society, people for whom the Belarusian language is a great value — must use the least small capacity, which gives the power to extend the use of the Belarusian language?
Bulgakov: "Belarusian society is independent arms activist Sergei Semenov actually saying and kicked this benefit," privilege "- have custom forms in the Belarusian language. Periodically such acts bring unexpected political effect, and call people for the Belarusian language, continue to defend their rights . "
Tsigankov: "From time to time heard the idea that, say, the Belarusian language is one hundred percent opposition to this state, it exists only in the independent community. Maybe not quite need the ability to reject that government provides, and to fight for them?"
Bulgakov: "The government publishes a lot of rhetorical figures, and much has few real powers. Fact that even some papers will be printed in a certain edition of the Belarusian language — in no way does not mean that the country’s course in the language of constructive change.
Lukashenka’s government does not deny the Belarusian language for certain rights and options. It supports publishing to a certain extent, the school retains the Belarusian estimated in such proportions as a late Russian time. But a strategic course for stygmatyzavanne Belarusian language, the perception of her as something optional in public — it remains in effect. The government only responds to a social challenge caused by circumstances beyond the company. No need to think that she will deploy some campaign in support of the Belarusian language — at least, there are no characters that would confirm it. But the fact remains that the government has been forced to endure uncontrolled activity of the company related to the promotion of the Belarusian language. And from time to time and to respond to the outrageous cases of linguistic discrimination in Belarus. "
• The Constitutional Tribunal has stood up for the Belarusian language, 18.09.2007

• Do you want to declare in Belarusian — a tribunal 10.09.2007

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