V.Konoplev asks for the resignation

The handset speaker our radio said that Vladimir Kanaplyou is next vacation until the end of the month.
Member of the House of Representatives Sergei Kastsyan states that the statement of the Chamber was a surprise to him:
"I’ll be honest — as if someone had a bucket of cold water poured over my head. I am here just uttered about this. And very heart pounding. I just can not wake up, so it suddenly."
Member of the House of Representatives prior convocation Skrabets Sergey believes that the resignation of the sovereign Konopleva compulsory and linked to those services that he rendered an entrepreneur:
"It’s the same as it once was with Titenkov, Zhuravkova and by some others of the inner circle of the head of state. Here simply turn has reached Konopleva, and to those entrepreneurs who have benefited from not bad relations with him. Because first — is corruption.
And second, likely, This parliament will not make it to next spring. After all, it is necessary to find the culprit cancel social benefits. But it made hands of the House. "
Co-chairman of the political council of the United Democratic Forces Anatoly Lebedko do not believe in bad health Vladimir Konopleva:
"Konopleva and still can be a good impact in the harness. With such software — and real, and honey — you can not be one year in office.
Problem in another — has escalated the fight for a place under the sun. Is the formation of the newest team under new manager with the old naming. And hemp does not fit the format of the newest team.
A second reason, he still tends to play on the sidelines. Padlazhvanni under his representatives of international organizations, its communications with representatives of the opposition camp — it did not go unnoticed.
Like the fact that he was no different from some managers and management affairs Lukashenko was also inclined to the fact that the importance of what he received, did not go into the general budget, and went to some personal business. "

Vladimir Kanaplyou born in Mogilev in one year (1954) with Alexander Lukashenko. He graduated from the Mogilev Pedagogical Institute of Education — Geography. He began his career educator in Shklou boarding school, served in the military, worked as an inspector for minors Shklou executive committee.
Since the 1990s, very connected with Alexander Lukashenko: he was assistant deputy Lukashenka, then principal assistant of President Lukashenko, Vice-Speaker of the House of Representatives 2-convocations and the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the third convocation.
Specifically Kanaplyou conducted in 1994 actively collecting signatures for presidential candidate Lukashenko, gathering together with colleagues 70 thousand signatures. Total for Lukashenko was then put about 150 thousand signatures. In 1996 Kanaplyou intensively Lukashenko defended the position during the autumn political crisis.
Vladimir Kanaplyou heads at the moment of the International Belarusian branch of the Foundation for the Unity of Orthodox Christian Nations Handball Federation and Belarus.

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