V.Rakitski: Book V. Orlov extends national cultural process

The creator of "Belarusian Atlyantydy", one of the last books Radio Liberty Vyacheslav Rakytskyy besides other advantages "Names of Liberty" draws attention the uniqueness of the individual indicator.
"One of the values of the book and in my viewpoint, fundamentally value is entered its creator peryyadyzatsyya national liberation, national, cultural and national-democratic movement. Meanwhile Vladimir Orlov and lays the scientific foundation for the study of modern history of Belarus from 1980 years before our time — the beginning of the XXI century.
Vladimir Orlov’s book, we can say, I was expecting more than a decade. This is a real contribution to Belarusian historical science. She is a fact of national-democratic and national-cultural process. It expands this process . "
By the way, in terms of Orlov, Vyacheslav Rakytskyy named party in the midst of the rest of the national democratic movement of the 1980s — beginning of the XXI century.
Presentation of the book "Names of Freedom" in Minsk and the Web — Friday, September 21. The address in Minsk — "Varvashenya", 8, beginning at 18:00. The address on the web — svaboda.org.
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