Valentin Taras: For each naming Liberty-unique destiny

Working on the "Names of Freedom", Vladimir Orlov addressed not only to the official sources, encyclopedias, reference books, and asked those who knew book heroes. So writer Valentin Taras help him in preparing an essay about Lydia Vakulovsky.
"This writer, who lived a long time in Belarus, almost until his death. She died August 19, 1991 year as times in those days, when there was a coup gekachepistav. I was still loaf that she did not wait, as it collapsed monster that haunted her in time. I was a member of this author, this is very exciting, unique and eye-catching ladies. And I Volodya told why it is necessary to be represented in this book.
It’s a big job and a generous act — what I did Vladimir Orlov. Time passes, the names of these stsirayutstsa in human memory. Especially since in our criteria in our country now and do not want to mention their names. And they were. For each naming — a unique destiny. "
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