Valery Mazynsky: forbade all free, not only theater

"They have to go into overdrive pupae, with the theater that read here? Although there was a play about politics … They need to know that although the words of the play, read it, and to see if there is what nibudt against Alexander Lukashenko and his regime? And what they do not know, there have got? And if there is a play about the totalitarian regime there, then it is necessary to prohibit all. Shakespeare need to prohibit, all the classics. Chekhov, Dostoyevsky. Only Lopez de Vega need to play, and then he has the play "Dog in the Manger", then another loaf on whom this hint. aperetku should leave. "
Recall evening August 22 policemen, riot police and special services stormed the play "Free Theatre" on the play by British playwright Edward Bond’s "Eleven shirts", which is dedicated to the topic of violence in the school environment. The performance took place at the private apartment. More than 50 actors, spectators and foreign guests were taken to the theater Russian police department of Minsk, where they were taken clarification. Policemen referred to a signal from neighbors who complained about the noise Tipo. About the second hour of the night the last of the detainees were released.

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