Valery Putitsky: This trip, as if to Shushenskoe … I link

Bushlyakov: "You are currently in Zhytkavichy. This — trip?"
Putitsky: "It’s such a trip, allegedly to Shushenskoe. C. I wish to make Lenin … I’m in exile."
"We decided that I’m not a rural dweller, I do not need and" Dozhinki "
Bushlyakov "In Rechitza expected this weekend prazdnichek" Dozhinki "and you was sent from his native town … What was the need for this work?
Putitsky: "Maybe it was … I work from August 1, this is my first trip. But I think that was not necessary, as no one I left Rechitsy …"
Bushlyakov: "Do you regret that you will not in Rechitza during" Dazhynki "?"
Putitsky: "I do not know … It seems to have decided that I am not a rural dweller and urban dwellers, because I do not zazhinaet, then I do not need and" Dozhinki. "
Bushlyakov "Yesterday trips sent another 2-your colleagues, friends of the BPF Rechitsy Alexander Goncharenko and Konstantin Kuznetsov. Seems that just members of your party authorities believe the greatest threat in a situation where the city is expected to arrive in the senior management of the country? "
Putitsky: "Probably, yes, fear — we just did there? I would go to the prazdnichek, and everything would be fine … Something we do not like them Rechitza. "
"Visually, did a lot, and for the people …"
Bushlyakov: "How prepared Retchitsa to" Dozhinki "- there is something changed?"
Putitsky: "Visually, almost everything has changed — painted roof, even with holes, a neighbor Goncharenko painted roof that was washed off after a rain. Visually done a lot, and for the people …"
Bushlyakov: "Are people that in the end" Dozhinki "trickled down to Rechitsy?"
Putitsky: "Ordinary people are happy, of course — laid asphalt roads ordered. But to let these funds for at least one kind of plant, where we do not pay money to work," Rhythm ", which left 20 people work at the furniture factory, that its last breath … "
Bushlyakov: "How did you come to the opposition, party activities, living in Rechitza?"
Putitsky: "To think I started back when I served in the army, when Russian Union. Later began to form Belarusian Popular Front "Revival" — I began to create a structure in Rechitza in 1991, after graduating from the Belarusian Institute of Engineers of Railway Transport. "
"Our region provides for the power of Deputies, for which there is essentially voting majority"
Bushlyakov: "How is felt in the presence of current Rechitza democratic forces?"
Putitsky: "Not much there, our region provides power for deputies, which here on Actually majority of votes, we Chernobyl region. But what we can, we do, because we do not needlessly put on day trips or send … At this point in the trip three BPF-sheep, and another member of the UCP as I know, currently sits on day 6 days. "
Bushlyakov: "In 2004, you were nominated for the House of Representatives. Are you going to participate in the parliamentary elections of 2008?"
Putitsky: "I’m not going to, but our democratic society, members of the united democratic forces» in Rechitza require me to put forward his candidature and at subsequent elections. Bring your own friends, I can not because I will be a candidate deputies ".
Bushlyakov: "When you go back to Rechytsa?"
Putitsky "In Mon September 24. Coming, see what’s after" Dozhinki "… It remains today in the chapel of the cross fell Euphrosyne, and an Orthodox priest refused to consecrate amfiteatar who built next to the chapel … I’ll come and see , there remains … "

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