Vasily Siliverstov wishes to appeal to the Constitutional Tribunal

Vasily Siliverstov, which is currently in the cardiology department Rechitskoye clinic, said that the actions of officials outraged Belarusian secret services and the police.
Lukashenko himself Siliverstov watchmen have seized buildings Rechitskoye executive committee. They spun liquidator hands and knocked to the ground.
Chernobyl invalids became ill. Employees of the presidential security service called "fast". Doctors pronounced hypertensive crisis.
• Liquidator Basil Siliverstov watchmen Lukashenko Rechitsky taken to the infirmary, 22.09.2007

V.Siliverst: "It is necessary to return the doctor Bandazheuski in Belarus", 29.08.2007
Vasily Siliverstov finished hunger strike, 27.08.2007
V.Siliverst: "The liquidators in Belarus is one of the great", 27.04.2007

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