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In a post last week — letters with reflections on the current state of the Belarusian economy and society, about the pros and vices of the democratic opposition.
Start a conversation with Galina Alexander messages from Mogilev. She believes that the official propaganda unreasonably calls the current state of the Belarusian society measured:
"Stability — this is when the state all segments of the population satisfied with the level own life. Man must live in accordance with their capabilities. In Belarus, measured live only those who priklnny to power (in some places it is 25-30 percent of the population).
Stability — it fit when paid wages, pensions, benefits, if the State had no political prisoners, persecution of dissidents, when being conscientious political struggle, if not falsify the elections and there are no violations of human rights. And in today’s Belarus thrives only measured poverty. "

In his letter to the "Freedom" Galina Alexander also expresses claims to Radio Liberty:
"It’s clear that the results of the presidential elections in Belarus were rigged. This is admitted even by Lukashenko himself. No government in the West does not recognize a legitimate President Lukashenko. Have you any reason for Radio Liberty call him president.
What do you think, why in the bullpen Kozulin weakly on the mend? After all, if he listens to Radio Liberty, then, I’m sure his moral appeals to oppress your dictator as president of Belarus.
Let’s give using the "Liberty" virtual Kazulina those medications that he obviously posodeystvuyut — deprive Lukashenko presidential status, and will call him dictator. "

We Madam Galina, carefully lit and illuminate all election campaigns that take place in Belarus. And on the degree of democracy last presidential election listeners "Freedom" are well aware.
But, talking about current events in Belarus, which are prevalent in existing policies and municipal bureaucrats unrealistic whenever retell longish backstory they came to power and methods hold this power.
Alexander Lukashenko now — the real head of the country’s presidential possibilities (thus, the possibility of not much than limited) it is specifically. From him and his designated officials come all the important decisions for the country. Do not take this fact or ignore it, preparing journalistic information about events in Belarus — is unrealistic.
Legitimate or illegitimate president is — separate large discrepancy. And face it eventually must not journalists and Belarusian society itself.
Our student of Vladimir Hrynevych village Vishnevets Stavptsovskaga district in its own letter talks about titles pro-government public organizations.
"At first, the young advocates of the policy Lukashenko called themselves BPYU (Patriotic Alliance of Youth). Later shaped as letters" p "had disappeared somewhere. Why? Maybe because so referredand "patriots" they were folk remedies?
And now all over Belarus authorities makes the pro newest community organization under the title "Snow White Rus". Again as curious why snow-white and not red-green? Do the same on all their snow-white or white-red bloodshot eyes — like a bull during a bullfight "
, — Wrote in his own letter pensioner Vladimir Hrynevych last partisans of the village Vishnevets Stavptsovskaga district.
5 years ago, pro-government BPYU renamed united with another, so the pro-government youth organization — BSM (Belarusian Youth Alliance).
And those and others, and others have always considered themselves the successors of the Young Communist League — with the only difference being that instead of Lenin’s thoughts to that same obsession, avoiding any criticism and opposition, advocated policies of another entity.
Regarding the organization of "Snow White Rus", then all of course. To change the name of the country in the case of officials not reached, and is unlikely to come.
Our listener from Vitebsk Dr. Igor Pastnov children in their own new letters continues the debate about the form of today’s opposition and the real state of the Belarusian economy:
"Very far from the current opposition of the people. Svabodavskiya Well, your reports are made as if from a far country, people who do not behold the life of Belarus. And you also a look at our burgeoning town What a beauty! Everywhere buildings.
I’m a doctor. In areas once a day there are two or three kids. Many of my friends have received preferential loans, built a beautiful apartment. Some left for agricultural towns. Get very good (milkmaids, svinavody etc). And give them homes. In towns build luxury high-rise buildings for low-income families.
Compared with Russia, in which both oil and gas, I can tell, that we live better. They trumpeted as a great achievement, given that the district doctors 10 thousand Russian rubles. And we have long divisional doctor receives an average of one million rubles (it is 12 thousand Russian). And if you earn money, you can earn more.
Mother receives a pension of 300 thousand, then 100 thousand at the BEAC book lays. My mother’s sister in the Russian town of Kirov region Kotel’nich gets three thousand rubles, with all this about any social applets not even heard. In short, the average live well. A vagabond and zapivohu can find even in the most successful and wealthy country. "

Next in own writing Igor Pastnov expresses reproaches the address "Freedom" and other media-independent:
"And you’re still seeks out bugs. That teacher hanged somewhere, unable to withstand audits; then businessman fined. Behind" Narodnaya Volya "intercede.
But let’s read not engaged. Imagine that in the U.S. there was a newspaper under the title "The opposition crisp white house" and began to ridicule and insult George Bush. A laugh is there anything else. Everyone knows that he often falls into different funny situation confuses words. What would you expect such a newspaper? The Tribunal and the termination of the license. "

In the United States, the emperor Pastnov, hundreds (and perhaps thousands of) newspapers that in open opposition to the official policy of the government.
And about the ridiculous situation in which the president flagged, and it is not always successful expression South American citizens will find out from their own as American newspapers, television and radio broadcasts. And cartoons on President Bush and all the senior officials of his administration, and funny stories and cartoons and puppet shows — all this in the U.S. media ordinary thing.
Often these performances are very sharp and annoying for politicians. But in order for this newspaper out of court denied a license or printing, that for a cartoon or a funny story on the president destroyed the newspaper — is present in the United States is unrealistic. For a politician who would have dared to such it meant would end his career.
Regarding the current Belarusian reality and your, sire Pastnov, admiration it. I hope you do not specify that a thousand and thousands of people in Belarus do not share your ecstasy. Far not all doctors get a million rubles, and not all elderly people can live on their pensions.
And in general, most of society wants to build a tele not only winning stories about the success of the Belarusian economy, and hear from the parliamentary tribune not only praise the "wise policy of the current president." And these people have the right to know about own country own power and the truth — the whole, and not just the one that enjoy this power.
At the end of kutsee letter that leave without comment.
Our listener Felix Shkirmankov of Slavgorod engaged public activity, writes poetry. Many, of course, aware of the publications in the media-independent of his journalistic compilation entitled
"It hurts my soul screaming." Shkirmankov Felix writes:
"At the moment I am preparing another collection. Theme — the same as in the previous books: Belarus, Belarusians and their fate."
Listener sent some of their own new poems. In one of them there are such lines — the fate of the whiteRussian language:
… And not only Belarusian figure out the language of the native, he will not read, It has a daily example — the Russian president himself says and very suspicious of those who do not renounce their roots. Because everywhere in the country now peculiarity Belarusian — language dies.
Thank you, sire Shkirmankov, for you and everyone who found time for writing on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.
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