Viewers Free Theatre try to re-

Eugene Paul and trained in one of Minsk schools in the district Uruchcha. In late August, the guys were on the "Free Theatre" "11 shirts" when the police broke into the hall and disrupted the premiere.
Two weeks later, the actions referred to the principal. Eugene says:
"When we took in the theater, then rewrote, and now a letter with the names came to school, we were summoned to the principal. Reads at first be put on the record and will cause the parent council."
Director for "Free Theatre" Natalia Kolyada campaign of intimidation to young people interested in the play "Free Theatre", joined the police and KGB.
Natalya Kolyada mentions the case of Eugene and Paul also tells the story of activist Yuri Silvanovich, during which administrative detention Tipo security officers tried to intimidate him. "He said that the organizers of the" Free Theatre "will be also charged with participation in an unregistered organization, as well as activists" Junior Front "- Says Natalya Kolyada.
Press officer of the KGB of Belarus Valery Nadtochaev declined to comment on the participation of KGB officers intimidation of actors and spectators "Free Theatre".
Do not become read on, indeed whether preparing sanctions against students and director of the Minsk schools where viewers "Free Theatre" Eugene Paul.
Reporter: "Is it true or not?"
Course Director: "Sorry, I have laid eyes beheld, and you want me, headmaster acts open a discussion that we have carried out? Sorry."
Directed by "Free Theatre" Nikolay Khalezin believes that the pressure on the actors and theatergoers illegal:
"If they were not prepared reports for any violations, as the police had read, then why call and scare children, that if you find yourself in the second time, then counted and do you plan to do that. This is a violation of the Constitution."
According to the latest information from the school where trained Eugene Paul, September 11 administration decided to limit preventive conversation with students local policeman.
Meanwhile, in the "Free Theatre" does not exclude that a more severe pressure on viewers postponed.
Minsk police: "Why apologize? Everything was within the law", 23:08:07 • N.Halezin "released only kids. But in the apartment of the French conducted a search", 22:08:07

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